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When Captain Marvel posed for the camera against Wonder Woman, it seemed like Marvel's usual rivalry against DC at Saturday's Motor City Comic Con.

But in this case, the photo shoot was organized by Captain Marvel, aka Ashley Vansickle, as a surprise way to ask Wonder Woman, aka Deanna Mascia, to marry her.

The Columbus couple, in Ohio, had been dating for about a year when Vansickle had the idea of ​​asking the question at Motor City Comic Con, which runs Sunday at the Suburban Showplace Collection in Novi. Like many people at the convention, Vansickle, 26, and Mascia, 25, were dressed in superhero costumes.

"All our relationship and our lives are based on comics and superheroes," said Vansickle shortly after the proposal, which was recorded on a video tape and followed by a photo shoot.

Ashley Vansickle (Captain Marvel, left), 26, asked Deanna Mascia (Wonder Woman), 25, to marry her at Motor City Comic Con on May 18, 2019.
The couple from Columbus, Ohio, had been dating for about a year when Vansickle came up with the idea of ​​using the convention as the perfect place to ask the question.
(Photo: Julie Hinds)

"She's actually the first girl, the first person I've talked to about my interest in comics," said Mascia, who describes herself as a big fan of Superman who has bonded with her father. around comics and sagas of Clark Kent, like CW's "Smallville" movie.

Mascia added, "She has given me the courage to be myself."

Vansickle said that she had put about three months of planning into the proposal and that she was exchanging e-mails with a professional photographer. Susan Onysko, who works at Comic Con this weekend.

"She made me believe that she had sent an email to (Onysko) last night," Mascia said.

Onysko, who is from Ohio, is witnessing derisory events in all states. She is looking for cosplayers in convention halls to invite them to take free photo shoots for a book project that she calls "Cosplay 50: The United States of Cosplay".

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Michigan is number 17 on the Onysko tour. She said that it was the first marriage proposal that she had captured. Her assistant helped film the moment she took pictures.

"It was very meaningful, I had a lot of good times in the comics and this one is definitely at the top," Onysko said.

According to Vansickle, while the couple were posing in front of Onysko's studio to take pictures of Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman, "I stopped everything and said," I do not think that we should fight. We should unite. "

Then Vansickle knelt to ask Mascia if she wanted to marry him. She had an enthusiasm yes.

"I always say that's my superhero," Vansickle said.

For those who do not follow dueling comic universe: Captain Marvel, the character played by Brie Larson in the hit movie of the same name in 2019, lives in the world of Marvel. Wonder Woman, represented by Gal Gadot on the big screen, is a veteran character from DC.

The two people, who stated that Motor City Comic Con was their first convention on comics, are happy that the proposal was presented at a comic-related event where inclusivity and the Acceptance are the distinguishing marks. They had planned to celebrate Saturday by taking a celebrity photo with "Superman Returns" star Brandon Routh.

"I knew I wanted to do it here just because of all the support," said Vansickle.

In fact, she added, they were greeted with applause from outside the photo area "when I said that Captain Marvel had just proposed to Wonder Woman."

Motor City Comic Con 2019

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Continues from 10:30 to 17:00 Sun.

Showcase of the Suburban collection, Novi

Adults: $ 30 on Sundays

Children 6-12 years: free.


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