"Captain Marvel" apparently presents Bootleg Nine Inch Nails shirt


Now that Captain Marvel was made public, fans had plenty of time to choose the film looking for Easter eggs, etc. An Easter egg, if you can call it so, was the Nine Inch Nails shirt that Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) wears for a good part of the movie.

This same Nine Inch Nails shirt seems to be an unlicensed shirt. Former Nine Inch Nails Artistic Director, Rob Sheridan, went on Twitter to explain why he thought the shirt was a bootleg.

As the tweet shows, Sheridan stresses that the rectangle surrounding the NIN wordmark must be the same width as the typography contained in the logo. In an image of the film, it is obvious that the rectangle does not have the same width.

It should be noted that Sheridan was a fan of the movie and he then added that the tweet highlighting the shirt was supposed to be a joke.

Since then, the group has teamed up with Marvel Studios to create a collaborative t-shirt featuring both the Nine Inch Nails logo and a Danvers Kree costume. These shirts are now available for pre-order starting at $ 25.00.

Captain Marvel is now in theaters. Other upcoming films from Marvel Studios include Avengers: End of the game April 26 and Spider-Man: far from home the 5 of July.

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