Captain Marvel: What we know about Carol Danvers, Starforce, release date, distribution and more

Who is the captain now? If you watched the post-credits scene in Avengers: war in the infinite, you know it's Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) And thanks to two action-packed trailers, we know that * a lot * of information is waiting for us. Go to the intrigue section below to learn more about these details, and visit our partner site, GameSpot, to discover theories of how Carol Danvers will save us all. .

The latest treats:

It can be hard to keep up with the latest news about this long-awaited movie. Here are three of the latest news:

& # 39; Bombardment Review & # 39;

Although few regular fans have seen Captain Marvel yet, some who are angry at star Brie Larson have already posted negative comments on Rotten Tomatoes, a process that some have dubbed "review-bombing". Some comments focus on Larson's remarks to Marie Claire magazine that she was trying to ensure that a diverse group of critics could see her film. "Larson made it clear that men did not need to attend this movie," said one comment. Another said: "I have the impression that Skull is not the enemy, but me, since Brie Larsen has been careful to point out that she does not want that the press tour includes guys like me. "

What did Larson actually say? She said she noticed that the press covering her films was "an extremely white man". After this was confirmed by a USC study, she said "to go forward, I decided to make sure my press days were more inclusive" . She also expressed her support for disadvantaged girls who see the film.

Terminator and RoboCop comparisons

She will come back? Captain Marvel Executive Producer Jonathan Schwartz told that the film shot in the 1990s paid homage to other action movies of the 1990s. "If you're thinking of movies like RoboCop, Total Recall, Terminator 2 or Independence Day, I think there are common themes of action movies that you can discover among those we are trying to take in this movie, "he said.

Do not miss the DVD

According to co-director Anna Boden, a particularly strange scene did not make the difference, but should end up as an additional sequence in the video edition. "There is a really fascinating, funny and funny scene that has not been selected for the final film, but yes, you have to wait for the DVD extras," she said.

More news and rumors:

On Feb. 8, Marvel released a new TV commercial showing Captain Marvel screaming at a Skrull before kicking him in the face (no, not the old woman in the bus, she gets a punch at the place). Plus, seeing Nick Fury without his headband never feels good.

The studio also revealed two stunning new posters for the movie.

Captain Marvel opens in the United States on March 8th. But if you escape it, do not expect to watch it at home at Netflix. On February 6, Disney CEO Bob Iger said it would be Netflix 'first movie to jump to Netflix and head for Disney's Disney + streaming service. Iger shared this news during a teleconference with Wall Street analysts, reported Deadline. (More info on Disney + c'd here, but if you like Marvel and Star Wars movies, rearrange your budget to include another subscription soon, whatever it is.)

And if you want to plan your collectibles purchases for next fall, an impressive captain figure, who really looks like Brie Larson, is approaching the end of the year. Or spring for the luxury version, which comes with Goose / Chewie the cat not quite.

Of course, the captain did a quick appearance at the Super Bowl, while Marvel published a 30-second commercial starring Danvers both in his pre-hero years as an air force pilot and in his role as superhero.

If you like posters, Marvel has released a pretty cool international poster on February 4th. She earned nearly a million likes in just two days.

And in January, Marvel published 10 posters showing characters ranging from the captain herself to the cat-like character, but has a secret ronr-fect.

Tickets are now on sale for Captain Marvel on Fandango and some sites, and they are selling fast as an explosion of photons. In its first 24 hours of sales, the film was one of the top three best-selling films in Fandango's Marvel Cinematic Universe, alongside Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther.

Special features and offers are also available in different theaters. AMC cinemas have a "projection" that starts an hour earlier than the first performances, at 18 hours. Thursday, March 7, local time. The AMC film page says that the screening includes "exclusive intro content" and that moviegoers "will receive a collector coin and a popcorn cameo". Alamo Drafthouse theaters sell tickets with a Captain Marvel lapel pin or a glass accessory from the Mondo collection company.

Star Brie Larson shared a short video on Twitter where she actually drives a Jeep of nearly 5,000 pounds, with its full of gasoline, for 60 seconds. Larson called it "a highlight of the training". Are we sure that she does not play the incredible Hulk?

With the announcement of the ticket came a new teaserthis time with at least 30 seconds new images.

the second trailer released December 3, added more depth to the details of the parcel sketched in the first trailerwho arrived in September. Why is Captain Marvel so important? All this goes back to this Infinity War scene.

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Captain Marvel's second trailer hits the mark


In the scene, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) find themselves in the middle of the chaos caused by Thanos as half of the universe's population disappears. Fury manages to use his pager and apparently sends a message to Captain Marvel, who himself disappears in the dust. As her film arrives before the upcoming Avengers movies, it seems that she has an important role to play in Avengers: End of the game, perhaps saving the universe of a invasion of skulls.

Marvel Studios

A rumor claims that it's Captain Marvel herself who saved Tony "Iron Man" Stark from his drifting spaceship, as shown on the Final Trailer. She has experience of the space commander, after all. Yes NASA can not reach itmaybe she can.

And when Infinity War was released digitally in August, a thoughtful Reddit user pointed out that one of Thanos' children, Cull Obsidian, was wearing a garment sporting the colors and pattern of Captain Marvel. What this means is still uncertain, but it adds even more anticipation to the mix.

In early January 2019, two new videos were published. A new teaser Nick Fury jokes about the grunge look of Captain Marvel and Elastica playing in the background.

There is also a feature behind the scenes in which Larson talks about his strength training for the film and the time with the Air Force pilots.

Now that the shoot officially ended, stay tuned for more updates.

Who is Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel? Not really the most famous superhero of all time. But his film will be the 21st of the Marvel film universeand if she wants to attract this kind of attention after the credits, fans would be interested in finalizing her file before the release of her film.

You can dive into his background and history with this explanatory. A short version: This version of the character, Carol Danvers, was created in 1968. She was an air force pilot, CIA agent, NASA security director and writer. She has also fought against alcohol, such as Iron Man Tony Stark, and his personal battles have been featured in numerous comic book editions.


Captain Marvel may not be as famous as some superheroes, but she is about to take the stage.

Marvel Studios

His superpowers came from a kree alien named Mar-vell, the original Captain Marvel, and included theft, super strength, the ability to absorb and use the same. energy, as well as firing energy explosions and lasers from his hands.

And she has extra power that could change the game, revealed co-star Samuel L. Jackson. Stop reading here if you do not want to know …

"We now know that we need something as powerful as Thanos," Jackson told Entertainment Tonight. "And at some point, we will discover how powerful she is and all the things she is capable of.She is one of the few people in the Marvel Universe to be able to travel in time, then. .. "

Yes, time travel, what the Infinity War Avengers could definitely use now. To move on!

Many characters have taken the name of Captain Marvel, and even DC Comics has had an (unrelated) character from Captain Marvel (aka Shazam), although, to this day, the Marvel Universe does not have any " Captain DC ".

Release date, parcel, photos

Captain Marvel is expected to be released March 8, 2019 in the United States and the United Kingdom and March 7 in Australia about two months before Avengers 4 shots.

Following announcements that Avengers: Endgame could be three hoursIt was comforting to learn that Captain Marvel does not push the bladders of fans at this point. AMC Theaters is currently reporting that the film only lasts 2 hours and 4 minutes, according to And as we have already learned, the film is rated PG-13 (unsurprisingly), for "sequences of violence and action sci-fi, as well as a brief suggestive language" .

And after the EW cover reveal, we have a lot more information about the bad guys (skulls) and the heroes (in a way).

For example, thanks to EW, we know a little more about the beginning of the film and what we'll see: "Captain Marvel avoids the traditional origin-story model, and when he starts, Carol already has his powers" she writes. Devan Coogan.


Marvel Studios

And Larson told us more about the extremely human nature when he spoke to EW: "She can be aggressive, she can be moderate in temperament and she can be a little overwhelming and face-to-face. also to things, which makes her incredible in the battle because she's first on the market and does not always wait for orders. But waiting (or not) orders is, for some, a character flaw. "

We also learned that when his powers begin, we would consider Danvers as part of the elite Kree Starforce military team, led by Jude Law's (still) enigmatic commander, and his main enemy will be the Skrulls. . , with Ben Mendelsohn as leader, Talos, who is spearheading an invasion of the Earth by the Skrulls.

So, will this invasion of Skrull be the beginning of the MCU version of the comic crossover event Secret Invasion? No way to know for sure, but this is clearly mentioned in GE's report:

"Not long ago, Carol finds herself on Earth with new questions about her past, and she has a formidable enemy in the form of Skrulls – the notorious villains of Marvel rendered all the more dangerous by their ability. to change shape. "

OPW-06 977-r-2

Talos (Mendelsohn, far left) leads the Skrulls.

Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios

The film does not focus solely on Captain Marvel who would have discovered the killing of half of the universe by Thanos (see: Avengers: war in the infinite) and jumping to help. This happens in the 1990s, which could explain why Nick Fury contacts her with a pager, not with a smartphone. (Speaking of the 1990s, star Brie Larson is almost born in this decade – October 1, 1989 – which gives some of us the feeling of being as old as a bottle Zima unopened.)

Why the 1990s? Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said everything would be revealed in the story, but he also told the Toronto Sun that the period would feel cool. "This allows us to play in an area in which we have never played before, and tapping into a 90s kind of action was fun for us," Feige said.

Even the The site of the film is adorned with all the craziness of the 1990s we used to see online, with rainbow text and random flashes, and so on.

So what's going on in the film? Marvel says it's about Carol Danvers assuming the role of Captain Marvel to protect the Earth from a galactic war between the Kree and Skrulls, two foreign races known to comic readers. (The comic version of this war took place in 1971 and 1972, if you wish to view your archived Avengers for possible revelators.)

Who are the fighters? The Skrulls are a race of aliens who change their shape and who can take not only the form, but also the memories and powers of those they imitate. (It looks like the nice old lady Carol is hitting the caravans, herself making some good moves.) The Kree are a scientifically and technologically advanced militarist race, some of whom have blue skin. . Getting in the way of one of them is about as smart as pulling on Superman 's cloak – oops, bad comic book company.

As for Captain Marvel herself, you may know star Larson for her Oscar-winning role as a kidnapping victim forced to endure and raise her son in captivity in Room of 2015. She also played in 2017 Kong: the island of the skull.

Nick Fury (Jackson), in two eyes, looks down on someone.

Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios

In the film, you'll find familiar faces for Marvel fans and some new ones.

  • Samuel L. Jackson will play a young Nick Fury (eye patch) (as you saw above). Producer Jonathan Schwartz told Mashable that the film was "almost a double" between the captain and Fury. And do not call him Nick. "Everyone calls him Fury, even his mother," Jackson told Mashable.
  • Clark Gregg is back under the name S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson, who died in the modern chronology of the film Marvel, but living in the film of the 1990s.
  • Lee Pace comes back as the accuser, Ronan, a fanatic of the alien Kree race seen for the last time in Guardians of the Galaxy. (In August 2018, Pace posted what seems to be a holiday video where he is wearing a Captain Marvel hat and a cute, unkempt holiday beard.)

Director Anna Borden (right) shows her passages to Law (left) and Pace as Ronan (center).

Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios

  • Djimon Hounsou returns as Korath, kree ally of Ronan and dreaded the intergalactic hunter, also appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Gemma Chan plays Captain Minnerva, a kree geneticist. (Some sources call it Minn-Erva or Dr. Minerva.)

From left to right: Law Leader, Ronan (Pace), Korath (Djimon Hounsou), Att-Lass (Algenis Perez Soto), Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), Bron-Char (Rune Temte) and Minn-Erva (Gemma Chan).

Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios

  • Jude Law embodies Walter Lawson / Mar-Vell, Carol's mentor, who assumes his overpowering role. (Or does he? See below.)
  • Ben Mendelsohn plays the main villain of the film, considered the leader of the Skrulls.
  • Annette Bening has signed the first cartoon film of the candidate to four Oscar nominations. She would play a scientist, and Variety reports that this scientist will probably be Carol's mother.
  • Carol also has a cat, Goose (a change of Chewie's name from the comics). His purring buddy turns out to be something special under this soft fur coat.

Marvel Studios

Big spoiler possible to come. New rumors about the cast filtered in November 2018, when a Reddit user shared images of Captain Marvel Funko Pop's characters. Until now, reports have indicated that Jude Law was playing the original Mar-Vell. But in the original picture of Funko, the character of Law called Yon-Rogg. (Keanu Reeves would have been offered the role for the first time, but would have refused to play in John Wick 3.)

This name may not mean much, but CNET's sister site, Comic, says: "In comics, Yon-Rogg is a villain who hates Mar-Vell and repeatedly tries to dishonor him Kree or kill him. "

When the characters went on sale, this character was renamed Star Commander. So, is Marvel trying to hide a big character secret? Sometimes, toys turn out to be more than just children's objects.

Carol Danvers is looking for the 90s in this NIN shirt … and is it a SHIELD hat? Tell me more and more please.

Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios


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The caravan of Captain Marvel shows the backstory of Carol …


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