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Cardi B shares the amazing gift that she had Kulture for her birthday

Cardi B will stop at nothing to make the first birthday of his daughter very special. That being said, the facilitator used social media to show all the expensive gifts she had received for baby, Kulture, which she shared with her husband and fellow rapper, Offset of Migos.

You're probably not surprised, but yes, Cardi is doing everything for his birthday party of joy.

On her IG Stories, the proud mother is sure to share all the incredible gifts she's got for Kulture.

She began with pretty little shoes adorned with red, silver and gold embellishments, as well as a white flower on her toes.

Then, Cardi showed his followers a tiny leather jacket on which was photographed the rapper.

Since the female mistress is doing such a good job as a parent and seems to really like it too, people are wondering if she intends to give her daughter a brother or sister!

A source told HollywoodLife about this, telling reporters that "Cardi does not really think about having more babies at the moment, but that does not mean she's totally against the idea. Cardi's life is very busy right now with his busy schedule, his care for Kulture and his free time with Offset. "

They added that she felt "fully satisfied in all aspects of her life and did not feel the need to have more children at this stage. She definitely wants to grow her family at some point, but she wants to be sure that the time is right before making a big jump like this one. "


That does not mean she would not be happy, she's got pregnant!

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