Cardi B thinks about Jussie Smollett "F! * Black History Month"


the Jussie Smollett The situation is becoming one of the most troubling incidents of 2019, full of intriguing twists and intrigues. the Empire actor claimed that he had been assaulted by assailants supporting President Trump who poured bleach and left a noose around his neck, but new information suggests that Smollett may have orchestrated the whole thing. Cardi B think it's a very bad look for a month when we are supposed to celebrate the achievements of blacks.

Bardi rated the situation on Instagram Live on Monday (18 February). "I'm really disappointed with him, man," Cardi said. "I have the impression that he's screwed up the month of black history, my brother, like, damn, I'm not going to say it yet." blame it because someone I spoke to said the Chicago police were racist so they could probably try to take him for a liar, why would you do that? "

Cardi is not the only rapper not to be totally convinced of the authenticity of Smollett's story. Joe Budden also weighed with some doubts.

New reports revealed that two brothers who previously worked with Smollett were paid by the actor for staging the attack. Smollett maintained his original story. He even told a crowd at a show after the incident that he was the "Gay Tupac."

Listen to Cardi B's assessment of Jussie Smollett's situation below.

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