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Cardi B's Bonnaroo performance is in a bathrobe

After tore the back of his multicolored pearl suit, the rapper informed the audience of the accident and briefly left the scene.

She came back dressed only in a bathrobe that she wore for the rest of her ensemble.

"We will continue, baby," she told her fans after returning on stage. "We'll keep that sexy."

Her performance of Bonnaroo is one of the first concerts planned by the young woman of 26 years after being forced to postpone several concerts in order to devote the necessary time to convalescence after a liposuction and a breast augmentation. Cardi told her supporters in May on Instagram that she was leaving plastic surgery.

"I am addicted to money and I get a lot of money, a lot of money for these issues … as if I canceled millions of dollars in issues," he said. she said. "But like, health is wealth, so I have to do what I have to do."

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