"Carnival Row" Recap: Season 1 – Episode 1 – Cara Delevingne & Orlando Bloom


Amazon this Friday invited you to Carnival Row, an enclave where fairies and other fantasmatic "critics" live among humans, albeit of less importance. Do you want to stay for the series of eight first-year episodes of drama already renewed?

The very ambitious and very special effects series began with a prologue in which we learned that the "fae" (matching mythological creatures) were doing well in their native country until that day. that "the empires of man arrived and fought over the control of his wealth. "The Republic of Burge finally withdrew from this conflict, leaving the fae in the hands of their rivals with an iron fist, the Pact.

Cut "now" and announces the introduction of Vignette Stonemoss (interpreted by Cara Delevingne), a fairy who is currently trying to get out of the country's other refugees from Anoun occupied by the Covenant and bring them all to a ship on which she secured passage to the Burge. Alas, all the accusations of Vignette are stopped or massacred by the arrival of the troops of the Pact, which leaves it to slip alone towards the ship. On board, while Vignette chats with one of the fae picked up at a previous stop, we see that she is carrying with her a book in which is a picture of a burged soldier. she (ahem) knew of the war, but alas is dead. That night, the ship is hit by a winter storm that drowns all its passengers – with the exception of Vignette, who is later found stranded on the Burge Coast.

The photo that Vignette was wearing, seen now floating in the sea, dissolves into a passenger aboard a Burge suburban train – detective Rycroft Philostrate (played by Orlando Bloom). As he crosses Carnival Row, a district of the city where "critics" are largely confined, "Philo" is sympathetic to the refugees. Philo is about to interview the latest fae who was brutally targeted by a Jack the Ripper-style murderer. After sharing anecdotes about her own stay at Anoun, Philo explains to the woman that the serial killer has her head shaved, sheep chops, a snake tattoo on her arm and that he's wearing a uniform.

Carnival row 1x01Vignette, as the only vestige of the ship belonging to Ezra Spurnrose, becomes the property of the aristocrat, and he chooses to let her work as a maid with her sister Imogen, who takes care of the maintenance. Vignette does her best, but the clever tips to get sent downtown in town, to bring a beauty oil to his wife. Vignette wanders in Carnival Row looking for a hotel / brothel where his old friend Tourmaline works. When the faeries reconnect, Tourmaline takes note of the "widow's braid" that now carries Vignette. She then reveals that Philo, Vignette has lost Burgeish love, is actually living in the Burge!

Philo, after finding lawmen attending an anti-fae clandestine gathering, comes to suspect that one of them is Jack. But later, after realizing that a naval ship was coming into town every three weeks – according to the same schedule -, Philo was discovering sailors in uniform at a local watering point and found his man bald and tattooed. A frenzied and breathless chase ensues, through a series of trellises and roofs, but just as Philo catches up to his prey, "Jack" warns that a much bigger darkness is hiding under their nose … before jumping to his death.

Struck and bloodied by the hunt, Philo returns to his apartment, where he refutes the nurturing anxiety of his lover / daughter of the owner. Later, while he is retiring for the night, Vignette sneaks through the window and falls on him from above, leaning a blade on his throat: "You are lying down! You are living! "She moans." Vignette asks why she lied about her death, by her friend Anoun. "Because I told him to do it," he replies.

Although Philo says he never wanted to hurt Vignette, she says: destroy me! You have left me only sorrow for seven years! And yet … she can not bring herself to kill him. "You're not worth it," she sniffles as she returns to the window before adding, "I wish you had died. "

Elsewhere in the first of the series:

* Jared Harris plays Absalom Breakspear, a politician who risks losing control of his pro-refugee party in the local government. His son Jonah, his wife, and his wife Piety, are not too stealthy at the brothel, where at the end of the episode, the boy is kidnapped by thugs.

* Imogen Spurnrose, mentioned above, spends the episode impatiently anticipating the arrival of a new neighbor the the most chic house in town. When she sees the stranger finally arrive, she rushes to her threshold, brother Ezra in tow. After being led inside by a servant, they are introduced to Agreus Astrayon – a puck that they confuse with a servant. But Agreus is actually the man of this very majestic house, and that will stimulate Imogen 's spirit, since the pucks are considered the the lowest from the fae bas.

* After Vignette's meeting in the middle of the night with Philo, the first ends with a fae woman wandering on the shore where the sinking took place. She finds a flute on which one of the unlucky young passengers was playing … before being caught and dragged into the entrance of a sewer by a huge, black, sprawling … Something. Is it the "black god" that Jack warned Philo earlier?

Will you go back in the row?

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