Case Kelsey Berreth: Colorado mother murdered by fiance Patrick Frazee following custody dispute, parents say


Parents of one Missing mother from Colorado missing almost three months ago reveal a possible motive for the murder of their daughter. Kelsey Berreth's parents say Patrick Frazee had reasons to kill Berreth because she had refused to give him custody of their one year old daughter. The new allegation is part of a civil lawsuit filed by Berreth's parents, reports CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas.

They sue Frazee for emotional distress as a result of a series of "false statements" that he allegedly made to Barreth's mother, Cheryl, on the phone on December 2, claiming in particular that he and Berreth had "broken up" Thanksgiving Day "and had agreed at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Colorado Springs to split the custody of their daughter.

When Cheryl asked Frazee for details of her daughter's whereabouts, he apparently suggested that "Kelsey could have stolen somewhere with a friend or colleague."

"Typically, if Kelsey were to travel, we knew it in advance," Cheryl told CBS News in December. She said that she had spoken to Berreth on the phone, on Thanksgiving morning, shortly before the 29-year-old went shopping in a Colorado supermarket, where she was last seen in video surveillance with his daughter.

The lawsuit alleges that Frazee allegedly told Cheryl a series of lies "knowing that Kelsey was dead because he had killed her or that she had been killed."

The authorities believe that Frazee murdered Berreth at home, but they have not determined the motive and her body has still not been found. Frazee is currently in prison without bail.

Michelle Stein declared her close friend, Krystal Lee, entrusted him with his role in the concealment of Berreth's death. "I think it's a very dangerous person," Stein told CBS News.

Earlier this month, Lee pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence for allegedly helping Frazee get rid of Berreth's cell phone.

"I think it's a real narcissist – it's a master manipulator," Stein said. "He probably handles every person who comes in contact with him because he thinks he can do it."

Berreth's parents are suing Frazee for an unspecified amount and are granted temporary custody of their 1-year-old granddaughter. Frazee's lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss the suit, claiming that Berreth's parents do not have the right to sue him.

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