Castillo gives the Reds a third consecutive victory against the Padres, 4-2


Joe Nuxhall Memorial, honorary star of the game

In an alternative universe, Luis Castillo offers this game to the Padres of San Diego.

After this trade, he participated in the removal of Andrew Cashner and Colin Rea to the Miami Marlins. There is no evidence that Rea's arm was a toast and Castillo stays with the Padres. He appears as the leader of the group of young pitchers more and more terrifying Padres and probably looks very ridiculous to a group of rappers Reds.

Thank God for Cincinnati, then, that the Padres deal is more piecemeal than expected, and that Castillo stays with Miami long enough to be traded to the Reds against Dan Straily. It's a bit like that we arrived tonight, when Castillo held out for the 51st time as a member of the Reds and became the third straight pitcher of the team to stop the Padres on the road . Castillo had six innings and only allowed one run on four hits and a goal in nine. The only run he allowed was a solo home race – a pass that broke a run of 25.2 innings without a circuit to allow Castillo to start the season.

The natural reaction to a series of outstanding performances early in the season is to assign them a small sample size. But as we enter the latter part of April, the size of these samples becomes smaller and smaller and more and more credible. The Castillo sample in 2019 is 30.2 innings – about one-sixth of what can probably be expected to be thrown out over a full season – and includes 41 strikeouts, 14 Goals, 13 shots allowed and only five points. It will eventually get in trouble, but it seems that this side of Castillo should start to be considered the rule rather than an exception.

Honorable mentions go to Raisel Iglesias, who pulled the team to ninth to score nine consecutive goals against San Diego in this series; David Hernandez, who launched a dandy of a shutout in seventh position; Jesse Winker, who sounded his sixth dinger of the season; and Jose Iglesias and Tucker Barnhart, who each recorded RBI singles.

Key Games

  • The first run was productive until 2019. Jose Peraza broke a series of 0's against 22 with a single in the center to take the lead in the match, ranking second on a ground ball from Yasiel Puig and took third place on Matt Kemp's court. Kemp eventually walked to set up runners at the corners for Jose Iglesias, who lined up a single goal in the center-center to easily get Peraza in. The Reds led 1-0.
  • Castillo's first run on the mound was strong, but his second had a rather bumpy start. The Padres first baseman, Eric Hosmer, hit hard in his letters and hit hard, far from the right center for a decisive game. San Diego hired two more riders before the first lap could be recorded, but Castillo came out without further damage. Draw 1-1.
  • Things stayed quiet until the start of the fourth inning, when Scott Schebler reached a field single with one out and moved into second place on another Kyle Farmer single. Tucker Barnhart scored three straight shots in the middle to score Schebler in second place, and the Reds led again, 2-1.
  • Cincinnati stayed the course in fifth, when Eugenio Suarez stepped in to start against Lauer. With Puig at the plate, Lauer – a notoriously dangerous pick-off artist on the mound – tried to sneak a throw on Suarez, but immediately threw the ball off Hosmer and took it out. watched rolling long enough for Suarez to advance to all. the way to the third base. Puig quickly hit the ball in the right field, allowing Suarez to score and score, extending the Reds' lead to 3-1.
  • With six excellent innings and 100 shots for Castillo, the Reds chose to hit Jesse Winker in the throne spot to take the seventh place. Winker quickly rewarded this choice by shooting (!) His sixth (!!!) circuit of the season in the center-right seats of former Red Matt Wisler. Wisler then pulled out six of the seven batters he faced with three strikeouts, but when he left, Cincinnati led 4-1.
  • Robert Stephenson came into play in the bottom of the eighth and immediately ran into a rotten chance. The phenomenon of Padres Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a hard bouncer who squeezed the third baseline on the most hostile side towards the Reds. By the time Matt Kemp climbed to get it, Tatis slipped to third with an easy triple. After eliminating Francisco Mejia, Stephenson accompanied Manny Machado on four fields, then retired Hunter Renfroe, following an error. While Eric Hosmer was waiting on the deck, Cincinnati coach David Bell challenged left-handed Amir Garrett, who turned into a single-throw match when Hosmer broke his third shot. in the center of the game to score Tatis Jr. Jared Hughes entered the match. He also had a swing in the first throw, but it led to an unassisted puck drop to third, and the inning ended with a 4-2 lead for the Reds.

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