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CBD in North Dakota

Marijuana is one of the country's hottest problems.

Different states legalizing marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes and rumors from all over the country, it can be difficult to keep up with your state's pace.

Whether you are for or against marijuana, that's where North Dakota is.

According to the Marijuana Policy Project, North Dakota is one of 30 states with a form of legalized medicinal hemp. And there is currently a campaign to legalize it for recreational purposes in that state as well.

In North Dakota, marijuana use for medical purposes requires a prescription and a license to grow and distribute.

However, it is at this point that things become technical.

The 2018 Farm Bill separated hemp and marijuana into two different things. Hemp is a part of a cannabis plant containing less than 0.3% THC. The same Farm Bill has removed hemp from the list of narcotics from Schedule 1, making legal buying and growing in all states. However, you need a license to grow hemp.

Then there is CBD oil, which can be found in many stores. CBD oil contains hemp and only 0.1% THC, which makes it legal to buy and sell, according to the Food & Drug Administration.

The North Dakota Department of Health has stated that medical use is permitted with a prescription and can only be obtained through authorized distributors. Things like CBD oil are legal to buy without a prescription. The use for recreational purposes is still illegal after the failure of a voting measure in 2018.

According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, recreational marijuana revenues in this state have reached more than a billion dollars since the 2014 legalization.

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