CBS could make changes to CBS evening news, including the installation of Norah O'Donnell As Anchor

According to page six, CBS News officials recently proposed the George Stephanopoulos the main role of CBS Evening News and a 60-minute concert before Stephanopoulos decides to sign a new four-year contract that keeps him at his current home.

When we asked CBS to comment on the Page Six report, the network responded, "Not true".

Maybe the word "fake" was referring exclusively to Stephanopoulos, because Variety now reports that CBS News is considering having CBS This Morning as co-organizer. Norah O'Donnell replace current CBS Evening News presenter Jeff Glor as a permanent host of CBS Evening News.

Glor's first appearance as Evening News presenter took place on December 4, 2017. The program saw a larger drop in ratings from year to year than its competitors. Recall that it was the outgoing president of CBS News David Rhodes who installed Glor in his chair, not the new head of CBS News Susan Zirinsky.

Not only would O'Donnell be anchored, but the show would be moved to Washington DC, where O'Donnell and his family reside.

It would not be the first time that CBS News featured a woman as presenter of Evening News. You will certainly remember Katie Couric anchored the 2006-2011 newscast. His ride was hectic, but it should be remembered that Couric had come directly to CBS from NBC News. O'Donnell, meanwhile, is a veteran of CBS News who knows CBS audiences well and knows the culture of CBS.

CBS This Morning has added a fourth member to the CTM team, Bianna Golodryga, last autumn, partly to give Gayle King and O'Donnell more opportunities to report on the field. But the decision was also made to give O'Donnell more Fridays / Mondays in Washington with his family. CTM is airing from New York.

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