CBS Sports Says Falcons Have Least Desirable Coaching Position In NFL


The Atlanta Falcons are one of six NFL teams with a vacant head coach position and one of seven franchises in need of a new GM. As the Falcons continue to interview different candidates – Joe Brady, Eric Bieniemy, Brad Holmes, Morocco Brown and Robert Saleh – analysts continue to rank the different job postings.

Tyler Sullivan, of CBS Sports, ranked the head coach vacancies from most to least desirable. Atlanta has been listed as the least desirable training destination in the league.

His reasoning is largely down to the age and cap of quarterback Matt Ryan for 2021. Add to that the Falcons now being $ 31 million above the projected salary cap for 2021, and any incoming candidate would be behind the ball eight of the jump. Rich McKay said candidates are not expressing clear concerns, but it’s hard to imagine that won’t be a factor in getting a job.

McKay also said he didn’t want to jeopardize the future of the team in any attempt to win now. This likely means Atlanta will try to hang on to Ryan if possible. The amount of dead money would handcuff the team in any rebuilding process.

The Falcons have important decisions to make during the offseason, including who to select with the fourth overall pick in the 2021 draft.

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