CDC warns of new tick species capable of spreading diseases to humans


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warn of a new tick species in the United States that, he says, is capable of spreading diseases that are dangerous to humans and other animals.

A weekly CDC report released on Thursday indicates that the Asian horned tick, an insect native to Korea and other parts of East Asia, has been found in several states of the world. east and southeastern United States.

According to the report, the first appearance of ticks outside US laboratories occurred in New Jersey last year. Since then, the insect has been found on animals in eight other states, including humans.

The report pointed out, however, that no human or animal living in the United States has yet captured tick-borne pathogens.

"We really do not know if the diseases will be spread by this tick in the United States and, if so, to what extent. But it is very important that we resolve this quickly, "said the Washington Post Lyle Petersen of the CDC's Division of Vector-borne Diseases.

In Asia, however, the tick "is potentially capable of spreading a large number of diseases," added Petersen.

The CDC report then calls for a comprehensive response to the emergence of invasive ticks in the United States, noting that some government agencies have already started to submit specimens of ticks for testing purposes.

"A wide range of interventions should be evaluated, including insecticide and acaricide susceptibility testing," the report says.

"Many state and federal agencies develop and disseminate information to stakeholders, including the development of hotlines, and some states identify ticks submitted by the public."

Data released earlier this year by the CDC showed that tick-borne diseases in the United States have tripled between 2004 and 2016.

"Zika, West Nile, Lyme and chikungunya – a growing list of diseases caused by the bite of an infected mosquito, tick or flea – have clashed with the United States in recent times. years, making a lot of people sick, "said CDC director Robert Redfield, in Can. "And we do not know what will threaten the Americans next."

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