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Pokemon Day 2019 is on the horizon, and if you're a bit like me, you're always excited by any excuse to do things related to Pokemon. Above all, play Pokemon and talk about Pokemon.

Now that we've been in the franchise for 20 years, Pokémon is stronger than ever and the Pokémon company is encouraging fans to celebrate impressively – ways that will not fit in the day.

From February 23rd, GameStop and Best Buy (and EB Games in Canada) Hold Trade & Play Events for Pokémon TCG Fans. If you attend any of these events, you will get an oversized card pack, which also contains a mini-pack of three cards. Maybe you'll even find the perfect trade you've been waiting for?

February 27 – until May 5! – Twitch to host another of his marathons Pokémon the Series for your pleasure. During the marathon, you will see episodes of Pokémon series: Diamond & Pearl, Pokémon series: Black and White and Pokémon series: XY, alongside some Pokémon movies! Along with the marathon, Twitch will also feature episodes of the series featuring some of their favorite Pokémon, such as Eevee and Snorlax, specifically on February 27th.

Disney XD also launches into the series of Pokémon series by broadcasting blocks of favorite episodes of fans on February 27, starting at 15:30.

The Pokémon Center website will launch a brand new collection to celebrate this year as well, appropriately named Poké Ball Classics. The high-end clothing collection includes clothing and accessories, all featuring a sleek, uncluttered Poké Ball pattern, a perfect blend of pride and subtlety. The collection will be launched on February 27, exclusively at the Pokémon Center.

And finally, for those who collect Funko Pops, you may have heard that Pokémon and Funko recently unveiled their second official Funko Pop Pokémon! figure: bulbasaur. This follows the big release of Pikachu this summer, and Bulbasaur will arrive in stores on February 27th. If it looks like the version of Pikachu, I would advise you to get it as soon as possible!

In case you have not guessed it, the official Pokémon Day is February 27, to celebrate the release date of Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version in Japan. As always, Pokémon has many things planned for the next vacation (and yes, it's a vacation), so let's hope you find something fun to do!

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