CEO of Epic Games states that Apex Legends helped Fortnite


Many people call Apex Legends the Fortnite killer, but Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney sees things differently.

There has been a bit of rivalry between Apex Legends and Fortnite since it has achieved "immediate success" status. Although the games are quite different, it's easy to see why.

A lot of popular Fortnite streamers have been transferred to Apex – some for the promotion money – and a lot of players are too. The latter has reached 50 million players much faster than Fortnite, and it only seems to grow from there.

However, according to Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, Apex Legends has done nothing but help Fortnite's success. He stated in an interview with GamesBeat.

The mark of 50 million players is in the mirror of Fortnite. As Sweeney says, "We're about to reach 250 million Fortnite players, and since the release of Apex Legends, we've won a number of Fortnite Apn Legends players, which is amazing."

When asked if Apex Legends was slowing down Fortnite, Sweeney replied:

"We hit a Fortnite summit with no event two times after the Apex exit.We did not see any visible cuts in Fortnite.It's funny.The only game you can see where its peaks Cut in time Fortnite is FIFA.It's another game for everyone, very popular around the world. "

Sweeney added that he thought that "Apex" had revived a lot of shooter players "and brought them back to Fortnite. "It's great to see other games picking up the royal battle, adding their unique touch and advancing the industry."

Although Respawn and Apex Legends still have some way to go before they can really compete for the throne, it's clear that they've done enough to motivate the Epic Games. Fortnite gave us a bunch of free loot – including the chance to win a free Battle Pass – just after Apex Legends arrived on the shelves.

Competition is good for all sectors, including games. The more good games there are, the more developers have to compete for attention. It means more updates, more content and more free content from the games we love.

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