CEO says breach of Capitol Hill was ‘worst decision’ of his life


The head of a marketing firm outside of Chicago who was arrested during the siege on the Capitol said the storming of the building was the “worst decision” of his life.

Bradley Rukstales, CEO and Chairman of Cogensia, 52, confirmed his arrest by Capitol Hill police for illegally entering Washington on Wednesday to WBEZ.

President Trump’s campaign contributor said first arrest in his life was the result of ‘extremely poor judgment’ as he followed hundreds of others through a series of open houses to invade the Capitol – which resulted in the death of one woman, three others. dying of medical emergencies and a Capitol Hill police officer succumbing to injuries.

“My decision to enter the Capitol was wrong and I deeply regret that I did,” Rukstales said in a statement. “Without reservation and as a peaceful, law-abiding citizen, I condemn the violence and destruction that has taken place in Washington.”

Rukstales also apologized to his family, colleagues and “compatriots” for his actions.

“It was the worst personal decision of my life,” the statement continued. “I have no excuse for my actions and wish I could take them back.”

The Rukstales employer, meanwhile, announced on Twitter Thursday night that he was put on leave as he assesses the incident, saying he was acting on his own behalf while participating in the riots.

A CBS Chicago reporter also met Rukstales at his home in Inverness, where he briefly recalled what he saw before cutting the interview short.

“I mean, it was great to see a whole bunch of people together in the morning and hear the speeches, but, uh, yeah, it turned into chaos,” he recalls Thursday night.

“I had nothing to do with impeaching anyone or anything or anything – I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and I regret being part of it. And that’s all I’m comfortable saying.

Rukstales had previously donated more than $ 28,000 to Republicans, including $ 12,000 to Trump through various committees, according to campaign contributions obtained by the station.

Another man from the Chicago suburbs, a freelance tattoo artist from Roselle, was also arrested in Washington on Wednesday. Metropolitan Police said they charged David Fitzgerald, 48, with illegal entry on federal grounds and breaking the curfew near the Capitol on Wednesday evening, WBEZ reported.

David Ray Fitzgerald
David Ray Fitzgerald

A Chicago real estate agent and admitted “a big Trump supporter” also lost his job for posting on social media a “Capitol storming,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

Libby Andrews, 56, told the newspaper that she did not enter the Capitol but was photographed near the door while wearing a knit Trump beanie, according to the report.

“I think it’s horrible that someone has broken in,” Andrews said, adding that she had already received another job offer. “I think it’s horrible that it happened. I condemn acts of violence. “

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