Chandler des Nets gets a 25-game PED suspension


Brooklyn Nets striker, Wilson Chandler, has been suspended without pay for 25 games after being tested positive for the performance-enhancing drug, Ipamorelin, the league announced on Thursday.

The positive test violates the terms of the NBA / NBPA drug program.

Chandler, 32, averaged 6.0 points and 4.2 rebounds as he played 51 games with the Philadelphia 76ers and LA Clippers last season. In case of suspension, he would be allowed to participate in the training camp and preparatory matches for the Nets.

The Nets signed Chandler as a free agent in July, with the hope that he would play an important role in the rotation of the field team.

The suspension of 25 games will result in a loss of $ 582,898 – $ 23,316 per game – for Chandler, according to Bobby Marks of ESPN.

Chandler will begin the regular season on the active player list and move to the suspension list after the fifth game (Nov. 1), which would allow the Nets, who have 15 guaranteed contracts, to add a 16th player after that game.

Brooklyn plays the next night, Nov. 2 in Detroit.

Chandler will be eligible to be activated from the list of suspensions for the December 15 match against Philadelphia.

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