Chaos and panic at the "Hamilton" performance in San Francisco


There was chaos and mass panic during a performance of "Hamilton"Friday night, a member of the audience was the victim of a medical emergency," CBS News police said, "CBS Sacramento reporter Shirin Rajee was watching the show at the Orpheum Theater. reported.

Police told CBS News that a woman in the audience had suffered a medical emergency just when there were fake shots on the scene. According to one theater tweet, a member of the public activated the firing relay.

The present members felt that the two events were related and started to self-evacuate.

A San Francisco Fire Department security officer was working at the door and responded when audience members began evacuating. Rajee reported that during the chaos that followed, people jumped into police patrol cars, fearing an active shooter.

Three people were wounded in the chaos without causing death, police said. The woman who has suffered the medical emergency is in the hospital in critical condition.

We do not know if the show has continued. The theater tweeted the audience and the actors followed the automatic announcement of the life / security system and came out of the theater.

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