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Charlotte and George are absent from Prince William's Father's Day Diary

  • Prince Kensington's Father's Day post at Prince William did not include Princess Charlotte nor Prince George.
  • Fans call the palace on Instagram and reprimand them for rejecting William's other children – not to mention Kate Middleton's father.

    Happy Father's Day to all but the trolls hiding on Instagram! The Internet is currently somewhat frustrated by the visit to the Kensington Palace GI Station celebrating Father's Day, which features photos of Prince William with his son, Prince Louis, and his father, Prince Charles.

    Missing pictures, though? The other children of Prince William, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, not to mention Kate Middleton's father, Michael Middleton.

    "The royal observers" have taken the trouble to comment on Kensington Palace by excluding their favorites, and honestly everyone is incredibly salty. "Apparently, Kate has no father and William has only one child," wrote one person, while another said to himself "KP did not no effort to publish this article.Where are the photos of him with his other two children? Hm KP? " "

    Eye-roll, but there is more. Here is: "WAIT WHAT?" Who posted this … you know that you have 3 children … and where is Kate's father? Your family is so beautiful, you mean you can not pose for a photo of 3 children and both grandfathers? "

    Like … guys …obviously Prince William cares about his three children! And obviously Kate Middleton loves her father – and if she had a private Instagram account, it would probably be everywhere! Whoever manages the Kensington Palace account, though – and I suppose do not Members of the royal family have probably chosen some photos on the fly and have gone hand in hand, so let's all calm down as Taylor Swift would like.

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