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Chase Daniel should start well for the Chicago Bears against the Giants

Mitchell Trubisky, of the Bears, is still looking to recover 100% from a shoulder injury suffered two weeks ago. Chicago is preparing to face Chase Daniel against the Giants this Sunday. reports Mike Garafolo of the NFL network.

According to Garafolo, the Bears feel that Trubisky "could play now", but they would prefer that he be as fully recovered as possible before coming back. In other words, they think (rightly) that they can not only defeat the Giants without Trubisky, but also that the Bears would rather take every precaution to make sure it's ready for the end of the season regular. At this time of year when the Bears are in a good position at the top of the NFC North, who can blame them?

Daniel is a seasoned veteran who recently helped the Bears win a thrilling victory over the Lions on Thanksgiving, although he has not started a match since 2014. The Giants at least The same team as Detroit, Daniel should certainly be able to handle the Bears for another win.

It is not profitable to unnecessarily put your entire season on the starting line and hurt Trubisky if you think that another week of rest will help him get back to his pace. There is too much to lose from the Bears point of view by reinstating him in training against one of the worst NFL teams. If it was a must win in New Jersey, the Bears would probably treat it differently. At 8-3 with a comfortable cushion and three other more difficult matches in December on the horizon, it is probably best to play carefully.

This kind of precautionary work with Trubisky is the way the Bears treated the previous injuries of Khalil Mack and Allen Robinson earlier in 2018. It could easily have been assumed that these two "could" came back earlier than they did not do it. Instead, the Bears preferred to let two of their most important players stand in games against the Jets and Bills where they did not need Mack and Robinson to win.

We will see how this situation evolves with regards to Trubisky's shoulder as the next week comes, especially with the arrival of Rams heavyweights in town for an NFC supremacy fight. You know, a game in which you need your starter to beat one of the best teams in the NFL. Until the contrary, it is only then that the young quarterback can return to action safely.

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