Cheap background check, heart rate monitoring and more: Tech Q & A

Audit of budget history

Q: I want to perform a background check on someone. People search sites are boring and expensive. What is the best way to check the background of someone?

A: You can hardly visit a people search site without an advertisement that reads: "You will be shocked by what you find!" These services are a major moneymaker. Digital archives and public archives allow a basic background check, but there is usually a paywall if you want to find some real dirt on someone else. (Assuming there is some land in the first place). You can use less expensive services, but how effective are they? The best way to test it is of course to examine the written record of the person you know best: you. Tap or click here to start a complete background check.

Streaming Data Pigs

Q: I've started streaming movies, and my data usage is up. I have recently been affected by an overload on the part of the cable company. How can I make sure that this extra auto charge will not happen again?

A: Ah, the infamous supplement. Cable companies are known for their hidden fees and streaming movies have opened a new Pandora box. Mobile phones are much easier because you can usually expand your plan or buy additional data to the card. The simplest solution is to check your data so you do not have to pay other fees. How do you do that? By budgeting and monitoring your data usage, in the same way as with money or time. Tap or click here to make sure you do not view your data when you're broadcasting at home.

Find my show

Q: I would like to listen to your radio show. How can I find the station in my hometown?

A: The good news is that my radio show has a 97% footprint across the United States. There will be a station near you where you can connect. I have to tell you that as a national radio personality for many years, and although I also have a cable TV show, I still love the traditional radio format as much. already. My favorite part is to talk on the air with you, my listeners. On my site, you simply enter a zip code to get the station and the time near you that broadcast my show. And if you miss the show, you can still grab the podcast. Tap or click here to find my convenient station locator. We see each other on the radio!

Best Mac antivirus software

Q: I have a Mac. Do I need an antivirus software for this?

A: I tell people all the time: the worst thing a Mac user can do is assume that all Apple devices are invulnerable to all malware. Now, Apple products are certainly less sensitive than some rival products to certain viruses and some ransomware software. But that does not mean your devices can not get a virus, and this false sense of security has caused problems for many Mac users. Again, while Windows users are more used to investing in antivirus software, a Mac user may not know where to start. I have a practical overview of the best options on the market. Tap or click here to find the best antivirus programs for your Mac.

Technical options for cardiac follow-up

Q: I would like to track my heart rate, but I do not want to wear a smart watch. What are my other options?

A: Smart watches can be very effective tools, and most of them are bright and flattering. But not everyone wants to have a computer attached to the wrist. As more and more people try to unplug the technology that permeates every aspect of their lives, a smart watch can feel a little claustrophobic. Instead, you can choose from several applications for your phone, which can collect much of the same cardiological data as a watch. Since most people have smartphones and carry them everywhere, it's a much less embarrassing alternative. Tap or click here for heart rate applications that do not require a smartwatch.

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