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Cheats & # 39; Pokemon Go & # 39; never prosper

This could be your best chance of getting the VE you want.
Tesla starts selling online model 3 used cars

The electric vehicle manufacturer has started selling used models online in the San Francisco Bay area, and some of them are potentially interesting (if not as good as the ones you often see with second-hand cars). There is an extra peace of mind here too. As for existing sales of Tesla used cars in person, each vehicle undergoes a 70-point inspection and comes with a four-year warranty on 50,000 km or a two-year warranty and 100,000 km.

A selection of pirated apps is apparently ruining the Niantic games.
Niantic sues a group of alleged "Pokémon Go" cheats

Niantic holds Global ++ responsible for its unauthorized versions of Pokémon Go, Entry and even Harry Potter: The wizards unite – which is not even out yet. The company says that the modified mobile applications not only violate intellectual property rights, but "undermine the integrity of the gaming experience".

All this to allow the teams to focus on the development of the 'New World' & # 39; and "Crucibles", apparently.
Amazon Game Studios would lay off dozens of people in crisis

Timing is paramount, so why did Amazon decide to fire dozens of Game Studios employees on the last day of E3, the largest gaming show in the world? The company reportedly told the affected employees that they only had 60 days to find new positions within Amazon. If they do not do so within this time, they will have to leave the company with (thankfully) a severance pay in tow.

The company's statement reads as follows: "Amazon Game Studios is reorganizing some of its teams to allow us to prioritize the development of New World, Crucible and new unannounced projects that we are excited to reveal in the future . "

We have come a long way in unplugging your brother's controller.
A brief history of cheating in video games

Andrew Tarantola guides us through the history of cheating in video games, from Konami code to the anti-cheat system of Valve.

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