Check: Does Girl Scout Cookie Money Go to Planned Parenthood?


SPOKANE, Wash. – The Republican Party of Spokane County recently asked a question on its page "Do you know where Girl Scouts spend their money on cookies?"

This question was followed by multiple links suggesting that Girl Scouts have joined Planned Parenthood and that non-profit profits from some cookie-generated income are being generated.

To verify this, we spoke to Brian Newberry, CEO of the Scouts of Eastern Washington State and Northern Idaho, and Paul Dillon, of the Planned Parenthood Group of Greater Washington and Northern Ontario. Idaho.

In a link posted by the Spokane County Republican Party, he says that a troop of girls retains an average of 10 to 20 percent of the funds. And an average of 65 to 75% of the money collected by all local troops goes to the local council. Girl Scouts of USA will also collect a fee based on its licensed brand for each box.

CEO Brian Newberry said, "The recipes of the light cookies stay with the girls here."

He reports that the organization has described "how the cookie crumbles".

A little more than 50% of the income of the biscuits remains local. The local council uses this fund for programs, events and training locally.

Nearly 12% of the fund is allocated to the Troupe by Troop program for the benefit of local troops.

Girl Scout leaders reported that 6.8% were allocated to Girl Scouts in the form of rewards such as travel and other programs.

About 25% of the production cost of cookies and about 4% are reserved for training volunteers and transporting cookies.

But does some of the money end up in the hands of Planned Parenthood?

"I get up flatly to say that our organization does not have a partnership with planned parenthood," said Newberry.

KREM asked the same question at the local family planning office.

Paul Dillon, vice president of public affairs, said that this non-profit organization had no history of funding with Girl Scouts.

We can therefore verify that the money collected through sales of cookies remains local and that none of these funds is paid to Planned Parenthood.





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