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Hello. Who would be football coach in 2019, huh? Offered the chance, probably all of us. After all, most of them are fairly well paid. The return on investment after two seconds would be great. But do not get upset too much. Nobody likes to be fired. You would actually be pretty pissed off. All those millions, but you would just like to go back to the training ground and smell the grass, put the cones, get involved in the jokes, bark orders, cut oranges. You just want someone to call you again like The Gaffer. Or the Gaffa.

The problem is that no one has a lot of time to do a lot of coaching these days, especially at the highest level, which makes it difficult to keep a sense of perspective when things do not go as planned. Everyone wants success and everyone wants it now. The demands simply become stronger, more intense and more difficult to ignore, because we all have to have our say, which is why we find ourselves in the situation where this FA Cup tie between Chelsea and Manchester United is sometimes presented as an audition. that the leaders of the two teams prove that they deserve to be still in the same position this week.

That's right: it's another episode of Fraud! Maurizio Sarri's in the blue corner and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the red. It's not just a fifth-round showdown between two of the biggest teams in England. It's so much more than that. For Chelsea, this is to offer an absolute justification that Sarriball can work in English football. For United, the opportunity to show that Solskjaer is really the next coming of Sir Alex Ferguson. Unless we follow the disappointment of last week against PSG with another defeat. In this case, he should be on board the first plane for Molde, leaving United free to install Paul Ince, Steve Bruce or Mark Hughes in his place.

You know, maybe all of this gets a little out of control. Maybe there are too many instant judgments. Maybe we need more patience. Maybe if Chelsea has to hire a process-oriented manager like Sarri, he has to give him the right players. They may need to make sure that he has a good pre-season before his freshman year in a new country. They may have to realize that sometimes you have to suffer for success, even if it means grinding your teeth in the lamentable defeats of Manchester City and Bournemouth.

But if Chelsea lose this match, it could be the case for Sarri. In fact, with the possibility of another pounding against City in the Carabao Cup final Sunday against a serious prospect, he could be brought to roast even though Chelsea qualifies for the last eight FA Cups at United's expense. . Both sides have to compromise. Maybe Sarri needs to focus a little more on defense at the moment and reduce his reliance on Jorginho. Maybe he just needs some results. To hell with the process! May philosophy be damned!

Is this the way to go, though? Sometimes you learn more in case of defeat, even if the lessons are not always clear at that time. Money can lead to success in the short term, but it is not a guarantee of sustainability. United is proof of this since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. They chased stars, spent money to the wall, took a series of inconsiderate appointments at the management level, and it brought them some trophies here and there, but none really worked.

Jose Mourinho was wrong about a lot of things, but he was right to think that there is not enough football knowledge in the corridors of power at Old Trafford. That's why it's hard to blame Solskjaer for United's defeat against PSG and unfair to say that he has to prove himself here for the moment, if not to hand over the job to Mauricio Pochettino this summer. Football is not always so black and white. Sometimes it's nice to wait to see what happens next.

Start: 19:30 GMT.

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