Chevron to Acquire Offshore Oil Assets from Anadarko in Guyana Following Acquisition – Stabroek News

In Guyana, oil exploration activities in the ultra-deep water zones will accelerate, the American oil giant Chevron preparing to buy Anadarko Petroleum Corp, which holds a license Exploration for the Roraima block off Guyana.

As part of its campaign for raw and liquefied natural gas (LNG), Chevron announced Friday the proposed purchase of Anadarko for 33 billion US dollars. Chevron officials told Stabroek News that when the agreement is concluded, the Roraima block, owned by Anadarko, would be part of its assets.

"We expect the acquisition of Anadarko to be completed in the second half of 2019. Until completion of the transaction, the business will continue as usual. Chevron and Anadarko will operate as separate companies. Assuming the transaction is finalized, Anadarko's licenses would be transferred to Chevron as a result of the necessary regulatory review, "said Kent Robertson, Chevron's Global External Affairs Manager, at Sunday Stabroek when contacted.

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