Chicago area shooting kills at least 4, including suspect: reports


A woman who was taken hostage in a Saturday shooting that stretched from Chicago to Evanston, Ill. Was hospitalized with a gunshot wound early Sunday in an outbreak that left at least four people dead – including the suspect – according to reports.

At least two other people, and possibly a third, were seriously injured, according to reports. Police said the shooting of a 15-year-old girl was still under investigation.

“Without the courageous conduct of the Evanston police officers, many more people would have been injured,” said the Chicago Police Superintendent. David Brown told the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Without the courageous conduct of the Evanston cops, many more people would have been injured.”

– Supt. David Brown, Chicago Police

The suspect has been identified as Jason Nightengale, 32. Authorities said he killed three random people in Chicago and injured several more, then traveled to Evanston, north of the city, where he shot and injured the hostage at an IHOP restaurant before. to get killed. a shootout with police, FOX 32 from Chicago reported.


Jason Nightengale, 32, killed at least four people on Saturday before being shot dead by police, authorities said.  (Chicago Police)

Jason Nightengale, 32, killed at least four people on Saturday before being shot dead by police, authorities said. (Chicago Police)

A woman who claimed to be Nightengale’s sister wrote on Facebook that he “hadn’t been on her mind for a long time,” the Sun-Times reported.

A weapon was found when the shooter was killed, Evanston Police posted on Twitter.

A Chicago Police snapshot showed Nightengale after an earlier arrest, wearing a security guard shirt and badge. He had been charged in five separate domestic violence cases but all were dismissed, the newspaper reported.

Authorities say the frenzy began in the Hyde Park section of Chicago, where Nightengale shot a 30-year-old in the head, killing him. He then proceeded to the Kenwood neighborhood a short distance away, where he shot and killed a security guard after asking to use a phone in a building, FOX 32 reported.

At the same location, police told the station, the gunman shot a 77-year-old woman who was checking her mailbox. She was in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head, according to the news station.

Nightengale then visited someone on the 19th floor of a building, threatened them and then stole their car. He then went to a convenience store to rob it, killing a 20-year-old man and seriously injuring an 81-year-old in the process, according to FOX 32.


The gunman then fled after exchanging gunfire with police at the convenience store.

Some time later in the evening, police in Evanston – about 20 miles north – received reports of a man with a gun at a local pharmacy. When police arrived, Nightengale fled from the pharmacy to a nearby IHOP restaurant, where he took the woman hostage and shot her dead, according to reports.

Officers ultimately killed Nightengale in the parking lot of a Dollar General store, FOX 32 reported.

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