Chief Warrant Recap: Mitch Wishnowsk's 62-yard boot begins to show off


Mayor of Punterville here. Who wants to see a 62-yard boot from the San Francisco 49ers end to the Kansas City Chiefs 3-yard line?

That's the spirit, and I like the hand-up of the loyal citizens of Punterville. Mitch Wishnowsky does not put wood in this clip below, but it shows how he is a god among simple punters. It is he who puts the 49ers out of reach and the leaders.

This is a 62-yard boot. Roll!

Good God. Can Bradley Pinion do it? Damn, Andy Lee could he do that?

Well, Lee, maybe. His horses were hard to remember, but Pinion no. On their 35-yard line, the 49ers tied the Chiefs on their 3-yard line. It's just stupid. I do not care who you are.

I beat it to death, but I want to go back to that one more time. This leg + the defensive line of the 49ers in good health = mass chaos. If Wishnowsky can put teams or put the 49ers at ease when an offensive attack stops (for example, out of the end zone), we do not have to worry about giving the opposition a good position on the ground.

Punterville still accepts requests from citizens. We have an art gallery, a park and we will soon have our own Whole Foods. Come join the revolution in bettors.

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