Chiefs safety Eric Berry returned to practice Wednesday


This is the news that Chiefs fans are waiting for.

For the first time since that summer morning, August 11, at the St. Joseph, Missouri training camp, Eric Berry was on the ground to ensure the safety of the leaders, participating in the defense Chiefs on Wednesday afternoon, ending a three-month absence due to a heel problem that seems to have improved enough that the undisputed leader of the team of these leaders is starting to return to the group.

"We'll see how he manages and relax him a bit more," Chiefs coach Andy Reid told Berry Wednesday afternoon. "What we did well was that the communication was excellent (throughout this process). I think he's as curious as we are to see how he feels. We will go slowly with that. "

Reid was uncompromising when Berry could return to the field of play because of the obvious fact that his star safety had not been training for more than three months and had not played any games since the first week of the 2017 season, when he was hurt. Achilles against the patriots of New England.

As of Wednesday, the Patriots match goes back 447 days, which means Berry should be as fast as one in the other in a match that should come with this caveat.

"The only thing we know about EB [Berry] it was that it was killing him to watch, "added Reid. "He likes to play. It tears him away from being there, but at the same time, we have to do what is smart. "

Despite the fact that he does not play, Berry has been active in and around the institution, attending all the practices, meetings and games, while performing his reeducation and trying to reach the point where he could return.

"He did a good job coaching," added Reid. "The players listen to him and he's smart. He's here and did that, and the guys respect him for that. He has quietly some good training points. "

"He's here as much as anyone," quarterback Patrick Mahomes said of Berry. "He's here (in the center) as much as me. He is here as much as anyone except Coach Reid. "

Mahomes added that it would be nice to have Berry on the ground.

"The passion that he has – you can feel it every day," he explained. "He's working his tail. I am glad that he comes back among us and that he brings his spirit and his role of leader. "

"He worked extremely hard for that," concluded Reid. "I do not care if it's this week, next week or whatever, I just want it to be right, and the only way to do it is to communicate."


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