Chiefs to propose rule change guaranteeing possession of both teams – ProFootballTalk


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The Chiefs have lost the CFA championship game without their attack taking the field in overtime, and they do not want it to happen again – for them or for any other team.

And so, Chief Executive Chiefs Brett Veach said on PFT LiveChiefs Coach Andy Reid is working on a proposal to change overtime rules and ensure that each team gets offensive possession.

"Coach is working on that," said Veach. "I think everyone wants a chance for guys to do what they do. I do not really see the disadvantages of that. Especially when you have a player like Pat Mahomes. It would have been a lot of fun. I think people, if they were not already listening for a good game, would have taken that extra time. "

Overtime rules are often discussed in the low season, but this year, after the two conference league games have ended in overtime, it is likely that this discussion will be even more intense than habit. The leaders will have to convince 23 other teams to support them so that any rule is modified.

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