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#drabhishekkumarsaini in this video, I talked about chikunguniya fever.

Chikunguniya fever is a viral fever caused by the mosquito aedes aegypti.
Clinical Features – incubation period of 2 to 10 days
Fever with chills and chills with a saddle back and severe arthralgia
Abdominal pain nausea photophobia
The rashes that first appear on the upper limbs then spread to the whole body.
The epistaxis may be present or absent
Conjunctival injection (important vessels on the conjunctiva)
Diagnosis-1) CBC – leukopenia, platelet reduction
2) Liver enzymes – increase AST
3) C-reactive protein – high
4) anti-ig antibody present
5) igm positive cerebrospinal fluid
Treatment-recovery requires 3 to 6 weeks
1) antipyretic 2) symptomatic treatment – for arthralgia NSAIDs can be administered with the exception of aspirin. The ondansetron injection or oral intake, which depends on the patient, is stable or requires admission. Admission required if the patient's vital signs are not stable and excessive vomiting and abdominal pain are present.
3) physiotherapy for joint pain
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