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China says it will have a lunar base in ten years

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China has announced the construction of its first lunar base within ten years.

Zhang Kejian, head of the National Space Administration of China, announced Wednesday the plan to install on the South Pole of the Moon, according to the same source. Phys.org – in parallel with an ambitious series of projects outside the world, including lunar probes, a new orbital space station and a mission on Mars not emptied. These are ambitious goals, but if they succeed, they will consolidate China's position as the new leader in space exploration.


The Chinese space agency has already discussed its intention to replace the International Space Station in its retirement in 2024 or to establish a base on the Moon.

But Zhang's comments now provide a timetable – China plans to launch the first parts of the space station next year and the lunar and Martian probes will be launched later this year, annually. Phys.org.

It is still unclear how China will prioritize the many steps that allow astronauts to prepare for long periods of time on the moon. However, if the country wishes to fulfill its commitments in the next ten years, China's space administration will soon have to start.

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