China would build a solar power plant in space


The Chinese Academy of Space Technology is working on an orbital power plant capable of capturing solar energy in space and sending it back to Earth.

The plant would be able to exploit solar energy even in cloudy weather on Earth, since its photovoltaic group would float above any terrestrial time.

With the project to launch a test facility before 2025, the pursuit of clean energy in space shows that China is determined to continue to use more renewable energy and to assert its place among the world leaders in the space sector.

Transfer me

Needless to say, the biggest problem with a floating power plant is how to recover energy on Earth.

The scientists behind the project are still sorting this part.

But for now, the plan is to install solar panels in the space capturing the sunlight, and then to deliver electricity to a facility on Earth in the form of microwaves or lasers, the statement said. The Sydney Morning Herald.

From there, the electricity could be used as if it had been generated by conventional terrestrial means.

Big projects

If the launch goes well and the energy transmission beam works as expected, Chinese scientists plan to test and launch larger and more powerful facilities by 2050, the statement said. The Sydney Morning Herald.

And in addition to sending clean energy to Earth, the power plant could also power missions deeper and deeper in space, provided the beam is precise enough to target all vessels who are racing to explore the cosmos.

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