Chinese actress faces backlash after allegedly hiring 2 women to have babies and then ditching them

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang faces a backlash after being accused by her ex-partner, producer Zhang Heng, of abandoning their two children born to U.S.-based surrogate mothers. An international scandal: In a 2019 audio recording released on Monday, Heng said Shuang decided to abandon the children even before they were born after their relationship ended, the South China Morning Post reports.

  • Heng, Shuang, and their parents talked about the fate of the then unborn children.

  • Shuang’s father reportedly suggested abandoning the children at the hospital.

  • The actress herself was frustrated that she could no longer abort the unborn babies as they were already seven months in the womb.

  • In response to the accusations, Shuang explained on Weibo that she only returned to China after discovering that Heng had cheated on her in September 2019, Today reports.

  • “Zhang Heng’s parents apologized to my parents (…) That night, my father told me to give him money if that’s what he wants. They didn’t want me to blame myself. Dad, Mom, I’m sorry I didn’t let you speak because anything we say could turn into gossip, ”she wrote, adding:“ I needed help figuring out how to solve the problem. situation with children ”.

Assembly set: Chinese authorities and international brands linked to Shuang have since reacted to the controversy, unanimously condemning the actress for the alleged act.

  • China’s Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission has approached Weibo to reprimand the actress for using a legal loophole while traveling to the United States, stressing that “surrogacy is prohibited in China because she uses the women’s uterus as a tool and sells life as a commercial product. “

  • State media CCTV echoed the message, adding that surrogacy is “trampling the results [of human morality]. “

  • Magazines that previously promoted the actress have also started removing social media posts about her, while awards show have started removing awards given to her in the past.

  • Local and international fashion / cosmetics brands have made public announcements to distance themselves from Shuang, with fashion brand Prada leaving her in particular as an ambassador.

  • Social media users not only attacked Shuang online, but also began to criticize other celebrities for their previous associations with surrogacy.

With the Chinese Ministry of Health outlawing surrogacy in the country, underground companies have resorted to establishing clients with black market surrogates in China or sending them overseas where the practice is legal. Featured Image via Viki Global TV

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