Chinese scientist claims to have genetically modified babies suspended from work in February – BGR

The news of a Chinese scientist who allegedly published the genes for human embryos was then announced yesterday. The man, He Jiankui, made these statements before a conference on genetic technologies, and his alleged work was quickly criticized by many other medical researchers who believe that human genetic modification is both dangerous and counter-intuitive. 'ethics.

As a result of his revelation, news about his previous research and his career in general began to flow. The university to which he associated himself and claimed to have obtained permission to proceed with a genetic modification, abolished his narrative shortly after its publication, and it now appears that the scientist had been suspended from work as of February 1, 2018.

He claims to have used CRIPSR-Cas-9 gene editing technology to alter the resistance of human embryos to HIV. A pair of twins is born from these embryos, according to the scientist. However, the work was not reviewed by peers and was not subject to any supervision, which casts doubt on its actual performance.

A new statement issued by the university condemns genetic modification, if it has actually been. The school notes that she made contact with it shortly after news of her claimed project began to spread, adding that the institution had formed three opinions on the claims. Here is what they said (translated):

First, the research work was done outside of the school by Associate Professor He Jiankui. He did not show up at the school and the biology department, and the school and the biology department were not aware of it.

Second, to allow Associate Professor He Jiankui to use genetic editing technology for human embryo research, the academic committee of the Department of Biology believes that this seriously violates the ethics and academic standards.

The University of Science and Technology of the South strictly needs scientific research to meet international ethical and ethical standards and to comply with academic standards, in accordance with national laws and regulations. Our school will immediately hire experts to set up an independent committee to conduct thorough investigations and publish relevant information after investigation.

It is increasingly popular to consider China as a kind of extreme west with regard to medical and scientific activities, with fewer regulations than the United States and much of Europe. This may be true to a certain extent, but it is perfectly clear that many organizations in China are applying ethical standards similar to those of their counterparts abroad.

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