Chris Christie says South District of New York should be more about Trump than Mueller


"I've always said that (the special council) Bob Mueller was not what the president or the White House should be concerned about – it's the southern district of New York," said Christie. Trump transition team leader, Chris Cuomo, CNN, Thursday night.

Christie, a former federal prosecutor, argued that the SDNY did not limit the scope of his investigation, unlike that of Mueller.

Cohen's testimony aggravates Trump's legal problems in New York
He also told CNN that Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and Trump's deputy campaign chairman, Rick Gates, had pleaded guilty to two counts of indictment in the investigation. of Mueller, could serve as "two tour guides able to guide them through the business and personal life of Trump".

Christie highlighted Cohen's testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday in which Cohen said he was "in constant contact" with the SDNY "about ongoing investigations".

Christie said he was confident that the SDNY was preparing a lawsuit against those around Trump who may have committed crimes and against Trump himself for the time he left office.

"I think the prescribing time for most of these things would not work," Christie told Cuomo.

The former Republican governor added that he did not think that the SDNY had a lawsuit against the president "at the moment".

At his Wednesday hearing before the House Oversight Committee, Cohen suggested to the SDNY to review a conversation he had with Trump in the spring of 2018, two months after the FBI executed search of his home, his hotel room and his office.

He was also asked if he was aware of any other wrongdoing or illegal actions against Trump that had not been discussed yet.

"Yes, and that's still part of the ongoing investigation in the Southern District of New York," Cohen said.

CNN had previously reported that federal prosecutors in New York were supposed to verify whether officials of the Trump Organization had violated campaign finance laws as part of the Cohen reimbursement system and had conducted an investigation into the inaugural Trump Committee.
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