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Chris Cornell widow and ex-wife fight over $ 20 million estate

During the past year, Vicky attempted to seal parts of the court record, claiming that her family had been the subject of a disturbing hatred following the death of Cornell.

She said that because of the controversy surrounding the nature of her husband's death, it created a frenzy that fed people with conspiracy theories.

Vicky informed the court that the FBI, the state of Washington and other authorities were all involved in the search for people who uttered extreme death threats against him upon his death.

The court initially denied his request to seal part of the case, but after Vicky testified in court, the judge was seated on his side by sealing parts of the court records.

During her speech, she said that Cornell fans were more "cult" and more intense than pop fans. Vicky said that some of her fans, "have chosen to promote a theory," that she had killed him or incited his bodyguards to kill, so that his children inherit 60 million dollars on the basis rumors that he had applied for a divorce.

Vicky also told the judge that since the beginning of her pregnancy, fans have accused her of breaking her first marriage with Susan Silver.

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