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Chris Cornell's widow and her daughter argue over the estate of Rockstar & # 39; s

The sudden death of Chris Cornell may have occurred a little over two years ago, but it seems that the field of the deceased rocker has still not been resolved. Now, his widow, Vicky, would deny Chris's daughter, Lilly, access to a trust created to pay tuition. To make things more complicated, Vicky also fights with Susan Silver, Cornell's first wife for an estimated $ 20 million estate.

Did Chris Cornell have a will?

The last testament of Cornell dates from 2004, shortly after the marriage of Soundgarden's rocker with Vicky Cornell. according to Alternative NationVicky and the Cornell Family Trust have been named beneficiaries of Cornell's fortune. Susan Silver, the mother of the oldest child of Cornell, was not stipulated.

Chris Cornell and his family
NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 18: Chris Cornell with his family | Photo by Steve Zak Photography / FilmMagic

Apparently there is another document stating that Lilly will be insured in case of Chris's death. Lilly was still a minor when her father died. While Vicky is currently taking care of the two children she shared with the rocker; it seems that there is a bloody conflict between Lilly and his stepmother, and it all boils down to how the family's money is handled.

Why is Vicky challenging Lilly's access to education funds?

according to TMZLilly, 19, asked her father's late estate to receive money for tuition. The estate, which corresponds to Vicky Cornel at this point, rejected the request for verification, claiming that Lilly had decided to abandon his studies. Apparently, the domain called the University of California where Lilly was registered to make sure the youth was enrolled in classes for the upcoming semester. When the school found that she was not registered, the application was denied.

According to this refusal, Lilly's tuition fees for the first and second semester were paid, but the 19-year-old dropped out after the first week of the second semester. The estate does not claim tuition reimbursement, but notes that additional education expense claims will require proof of registration.

Lilly took his Instagram story to explain his side of
things. The teenager noted that she did not "give up" as reported.
Instead, she took a leave of absence from school to take care of her mental health
and emotional needs. She noted that she felt long under attack for decisions
she does, especially with regard to her education.

What does Susan Silver think she has in the end
rocker field?

At about the same time that Lilly's demands for education were denied, Susan Silver insisted that she had an interest in the late rocker's field. Silver and Cornell were married from 1990 to 2004. Silver thinks she is entitled to child support. She also does not think Vicky and the Cornell Family Trust should be the sole beneficiaries of the family fortune.

Chris Cornell and Susan Silver
Chris Cornell and Susan Silver | Photo of Barry King / WireImage

Silver has requested the recognition of the leader's assets to determine his share of the estate. She is also looking for an estate accountant to decide on behalf of Lilly. Vicky spoke publicly about the litigation process, according to Radarbut the two women are trying to settle the case amicably.

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