Chris Evans fans attack him for meeting Dan Crenshaw


On Friday, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) posted a photo on Twitter showing that he had met with actor Chris Evans at Capitol Hill. Crenshaw showed the actor his Captain America glass eye, to the delight of Evans.

Evans expressed his appreciation by responding: "VERY cool use of vibranium", material used for the shield of his character in the Marvel Universe:

Evans fans, however, attacked him for meeting the Navy SEAL veteran. In their tweets, they compared Crenshaw to "Dapper Nazis" and called it "f * cking d ** chebag":

The far-reaching claims that Crenshaw is a Nazi stem from his role as "moderator" of a Facebook group sharing far-right memes and conspiracy theories during his campaign:

Newsweek reported it has been added to the page, without asking, in case he wants to post. He only posted twice in the group and then retired. Crenshaw told Newsweek that he "had never actively managed or interacted with this page" and had "quickly forgotten the page and never seen it again."

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