Christian Yelich and his friends the Brewers defeated the Dodgers 5-0


Christian Yelich led the Milwaukee Brewers to a 5-0 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers at Miller Park.

The reigning MVP started his magic in the third inning with his first home run of Hyun-Jin Ryu, a solid shot in the opposite direction that gave Milwaukee the only execution he needed. But of course, the spectacular Yelich would not stop there. He hit another solo circuit in Ryu's sixth lap, a right-field bomb.

With both of these circuits, Yeli broke the Brewers franchise records. He now has the highest number of homers scored in March / April and is tied with Prince Fielder for most circuits in one month to 13 years. By the way, there are still nine games in April.

Yelich then helped his brothers in the Menomonee Valley with only his presence. With Lorenzo Cain second and first base open, the Dodgers accompanied Yeli in the seventh inning to face Ryan Braun. Los Angeles did not know that Yelich was preparing Braun for his fourth circuit of the year (his four circuits scored three points).

Although Yelich is absolutely phenomenal, we already knew it all. Chase Anderson's performance against the mighty Dodgers may be more exciting for fans. On his first start since September 18, 2018, Anderson allowed only three riders from the base and took out five in five scoreless innings. Since June 12, 2018, he had not started a scoreless run in four innings and only twice last season.

The pen held the Dodgers to one shot and three steps from there, with four innings of Alex Claudio, Junior Guerra and Matt Albers.

Tomorrow, we can play a rematch in the playoffs when Clayton Kershaw (0-0, 2.57 against 1) will play Brandon Woodruff (2-1, 5.23 to 1). The first launch is at 13:10. And I'll leave it here for your pleasure.

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