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Christian Yelich and the brewers beat San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – Add this to Christian Yelich's legend: The day he hit a baseball so hard, he crossed the barrier.
Technically, a flaw in the fence, but it spoils the story. That's what happened at Oracle Park on Sunday, when Yelich was denied an RBI, and the

SAN FRANCISCO – Add this to the legend of Christian Yelich: The day he hit a baseball so hard that he went through the fence.

Technically, a flaw in the fence, but it spoils the story. That happened at Oracle Park on Sunday, when Yelich was denied a point product and the Brewers turned down a point, through an opening in the right field wall that produced a doubled on the floor with a runner at first base. Yelich responded with another double in his next batting match, which brought one goal back to victory: the overall score in a 5-3 victory over the Giants who spared the Brewers after a three-way sweep. games.

These doubles were part of the Brewers' 12 successes the day they received contributions from everyone. Jesus Aguilar, Ben Gamel, Yasmani Grandal, Eric Thames and Yelich each ran in a race each, with Aguilar and Thames snapping solo circuits. And four of the Brewers' relief players teamed up to throw five scoreless innings, starting with Matt Albers, who inherited a messy charge to fifth base and limited damage to one point while maintaining a lead.

"We need everyone," said Albers. "We can not wait for Yelich to reach three circuits."

He did not score three homers on Saturday, but Yelich hit two doubles, including the first one, even for longtime Giants manager Bruce Bochy. Gamel had just given the Brewers a 2-0 lead with a single of two outs in the second inning and was the only man on the base when Yelich sent a Jeff Samardzija cutter to the right field. With an exit speed of 117.9 mph, it's the fifth toughest MLB base shot this year and the most hit ball of all kinds by the Brewers since the start of the season. Statcast tracking in 2015.

It hit the wall in the perfect place to sneak through an opening allowing passers-by to watch Giants games for free from the McCovey Cove Bridge. Had the match remained in place, Gamel would have easily scored, but he was ordered to return to third base and Ryan Braun pulled the ball to end the inning.

"I scored on that, of course," said Gamel. "In a game close enough, you need everything you can get."

"This is the first time I've seen him," said Bochy, "I'm a little worried. [Pillar, the right fielder], with his experience, did the right thing instead of trying to dig it. I have never seen this. I did not know what had happened before the recovery. We could see that he was crossing the cushion. "

Craig Counsell, manager of the Brewers, said, "It's a clear rule, but it's like baseball disappears. You are like, "There is a fence there. How does it go?

Yelich's reaction? It happens.

"Just one of those freak baseball games," he said.

This race was imposed when the Giants tied late in the heat against Brewers starter Chase Anderson. Yelich however took the advantage in the fourth inning when he followed Gamel's decisive pass by throwing another Samardzija throw against the wall – without a gate – in the center left to allow all four of the Brewers picks behind Anderson to stay up.

Yelich has scored 13 straight games, a sequence in which he scored .472 (25 vs. 53) with five homers, six doubles and 12 RBIs.

"The guy is amazing," Gamel said of Yelich. "At every game, you want to be present simply because you never know what can happen. So many good things happen when he is standing up.

Yelich spent the credit at the Brewers counter, who let slip a lead the day before but was solid Sunday. The Giants charged the bases in the fifth day against Anderson when he stumbled in front of third baseman Travis Shaw as the two men converged on a battle. he's stirred freely with a try and the Brewers still in the lead, 4-3.

Aguilar quickly rewarded the Albers' breakaway by signing a long circuit for the left-wing seats to extend the lead by two points.

"Just a race. … We would take this at any time and consider it a victory, "Yelich said. "It was really the game here."

"The two games of this road trip that we won were a scoreless match, and they covered five [innings] in one and seven in the other, "said Counsell. "It's pretty impressive."

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