Christina Anstead takes Mom-Shamers in advance by explaining why she decided to do a scheduled cesarean


Flip or FlopChristina Anstead is expecting her first baby with her new husband, Ant Antstead, and she knows exactly when the kid is supposed to arrive. This is because the reality TV star and home designer chose a cesarean scheduled for her third child. (Anstead has two other children from her marriage with Tarek El Moussa.)

Anstead explained her decision to have a scheduled Caesarean section in an August 30 Instagram post, and many commentators said she should not feel she had to justify her choices about how to deliver.

Christina Anstead's baby will be here next week

Anstead is due to give birth to her new baby next Friday, she shared in Instagram, and she can not be more excited – nor more ready to not be pregnant.

"Well … here we are @ ant_anstead … our world is about to switch – in any way possible, of course," she wrote.

the Christina on the coast The star also said she was ready to finish her pregnancy.

"The nursery is ready, the children are back in school, I'm not sleeping, I'm irritable and uncomfortable. I'm really ready to finish and meet our little man. Countdown to a week, "she explained.

The last delivery of Anstead was difficult

Christina Anstead
Christina Anstead | Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

Anstead also spoke about her experience of giving birth to her Brayden son, born in 2015. Brayden weighed nearly 9 pounds and, after a long work, she finally had to undergo a caesarean section urgently.

"[T]The experience and recovery have been very difficult for me physically and emotionally, "she recalls. "I really do not feel comfortable trying to go back in that direction. Bray weighed 8 pounds 13 oz – after pushing for hours and hours – he was stuck and his heart rate was falling. "

Fortunately, Brayden arrived safely. But after this experience – and the indications that this baby will also be great – Anstead decided to play cautiously.

"On the basis of ultrasound measurements, we think it will be another big boy, this is the direction we decided to take," she wrote.

Fans think she should not have to justify her birth experience

Anstead's frank message explaining why she decided to use a scheduled caesarean section sparked a lot of comments. Many adepts have noted that Anstead should make the choice that applies to her as to her doctors, and that she should not have to justify her birth experience for strangers on the Internet.

"You do not have to justify why you need a section c. You know your body better, "wrote one of them.

"Go ahead Christina! It seems that you feel the need to explain your choice of a caesarean, but no one can ask you as a mother, "said another.

Several commentators have speculated that Anstead is moving mothers away who would deem her to have a scheduled cesarean rather than attempting a vaginal delivery.

In the United States, almost a third of babies deliver by caesarean section, which is well above the 10% to 15% that the World Health Organization considers ideal. Although there is concern about the increase in the number of unnecessary cesarean sections, many of these surgeries are medically necessary to protect the health of the mother and the baby.

Nevertheless, some women feel guilty about having a cesarean section or feel that other women are ashamed of not giving birth vaginally. But at least on social media, Anstead gets a lot of support from other women who have had a similar experience.

"The scheduled recovery of section C is day and night after an emergency! Good luck, "wrote one.

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