Cindy Hyde-Smith versus Mike Espy

Espy, a former Mississippi representative and Secretary of Agriculture under President Bill Clinton, hopes to become the first black man to hold the position of state senator since the Reconstruction. The last Mississippi Democratic Senator – John Stennis – in favor of segregation – stepped down in 1989.

On Monday, Trump aimed to make Espy a bad candidate to represent the state.

"How does it fit into Mississippi, I mean, how does it fit in?" Trump asked at a rally in Tupelo.

Republicans have touted the Democrat as a Liberal who will only side with the leaders of his party. Espy 's is called an independent minded democrat who will vote for the interests of Mississippi rather than those of his party.

On the political front, Espy has criticized Hyde-Smith for his attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which could undermine the popular protections of the law for people with pre-existing health conditions. Hyde-Smith was not a senator last year when Republicans attempted to reorganize the health system. However, she supports the repeal of the Health Care Act.

Espy also attacked the GOP against Trump's pricing policy, which affected US farmers because of the impact of retaliatory taxes on crop prices. Agriculture is the largest industry in Mississippi, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce of the state.

"Our farmers know that I will always put Mississippi first, no matter what a political party or person says," Espy said in a statement last week. "For the moment, that means talking about those tariffs that are so damaging to our state."

Hyde-Smith supported Trump's efforts to conclude a new trade deal with China, but worried about trade tensions that would last too long. Trump claimed $ 250 billion in tariffs on Chinese products as he tried to enter into a new trade deal, crack down on China's alleged intellectual property theft and reduce the US trade deficit with the Chinese. China. He threatened to tax an additional $ 267 billion on Chinese products if he and Chinese President Xi Jinping could not reach an agreement at the G-20 summit in Argentina later this week.

Trump attempted to take advantage of his popularity in the state on Monday by tying Hyde-Smith to his agenda. He particularly extolled his efforts to crack down on illegal immigration – an issue he has raised in recent days as he was trying to secure funds for the border wall project before the 7th. December.

"She's voting to make America even better and she's voting for America first," Trump said of Hyde-Smith in Tupelo. "Cindy is so important, so respected, we have to send her away."

– Christina Wilkie of CNBC contributed to this report

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