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Cindy McCain says the late husband would be "very disappointed" in politics today

At the anniversary of one year of Sen. John McCain John Sidney McCainCindy McCain said that the late husband would be "very disappointed" in politics today. What would John McCain do? Sunday shows in preview: Trump increases trade war with China MORECindy McCain, his wife, said that her husband would be disappointed by the state of politics today.

"I think he would be very disappointed, in fact, I know he would be, he would be saddened by the digression that these conversations and debates have had, and saddened by the fact that we are so disoriented in the world, "Cindy McCain said Sunday on CNN's" State of the Union. "

"We had time to talk before he died and he was very frustrated with what was happening at the time, I think he would be even more frustrated now."

Senator McCain was considered a legislator who sought to work civilly with his Democratic colleagues.

In honor of the anniversary of his death, his family is asking Americans to engage in "acts of civility" and share them on social networks, said Cindy McCain.

"We have all witnessed troubling moments of real civility towards one another and towards humanity, and our family, as well as all of us, thought it was all wrong. a very important message: if we could pass everything that John McCain was defending a year's anniversary, it's an act of civility, "she said.

She urged Americans to talk with people with whom they disagreed or who thought they did not like, even if all they could do, was to agree to disagree.

"I miss so many things, I especially think it was her voice of reason … in particular, her voice of reason now," she said.

Senator McCain died on August 25, 2018, four days before his 82nd birthday, after suffering a brain tumor.

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