Citi Bike closes its fleet of electric bicycles due to brake problems

Braking news: Citi Bike on Sunday withdrew its electric pedal assistance services in the five boroughs due to complaints from motorcyclists for brakes too responsive.

"We recently received a small number of reports of riders who found a stronger braking force than expected on the front wheel," wrote the service on his blog early Sunday. "As a precaution, we are proactively removing pedals for the moment.

"We know that this disappoints many people who like the current experience, but reliability and safety above all else."

Citi Bike – which was in the middle of a piecemeal deployment of a few hundred rides both elegant and elusive since 2018 – promised to launch a new pedal assist model that will solve the problems.

"We have worked hard on a new pedal – assist bike and are excited to provide it to you soon," the service said, adding that by then, existing electric bicycles would be replaced by traditional rides. "In the meantime, we will quickly replace assistance bikes with conventional pedal bikes."

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