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City of New Jersey warns residents after coyote has tested positive for rabies

A coyote caught in Hunterdon County has been tested positive for rabies, the county's Department of Health confirmed Wednesday.

The animal was not reported to anyone in the county, but residents of the Race Street area and County Road 513 in Union Township were notified of the positive test result as the coyote was spotted at this location. in law.

People living in this area who may have been in contact with the coyote between June 22 and July 6 were invited to call their doctor if they had any questions or concerns if they feared being exposed to rabies .

The county did not explain in detail how they possessed the body of the coyote because rabies testing is done on dead animals.

The ministry also reminded residents that the saliva of a rabid animal is considered infectious and that all owners of cats, dogs and cattle should have their animals vaccinated against rabies.

Rabies is an infectious disease that attacks the central nervous system. It moves from the brain to the salivary glands during the final stages, which makes an animal become infectious a few days before it dies.

He can travel from one animal to another only if his skin is broken and not in the air, but all open wounds that come in contact with saliva are in danger.

Coyote observations have been observed in 21 counties, as well as in 400 municipalities across the state, according to the state's Fish and Wildlife Division. Observations have increased considerably since 1980.

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