Cleveland Cavaliers: a victory for the organization and Kyle Korver: Chris Fedor


OKLAHOMA CITY – It's rare when a job suits everyone. But this is the case when it comes to the decision of the Cleveland Cavaliers to yield Kyle Korver to Utah Jazz for Alec Burks and a pair of future second-round picks.

The Cavaliers started this season with a long list of goals. At the top was their desire to win. Whether realistic or not, they really hoped to surpass themselves, believing that Kevin Love and some of their young base pieces would be able to fight for one of the places for the final playoffs of the very heavy conference of the year. 39; East.

That's why they kept Korver, who wanted to be fired this summer – and felt that there was an agreement in place if LeBron James was leaving – in the hope of avoiding this move family during the season.

The Cavs believed that it was important to have Korver around, while the franchise was trying to protect its culture and taught beginners the Cavaliers technique.

Judging by the comments of the locker room Wednesday night, these few months have been important.

"I respect my son Kyle," said rookie Collin Sexton. "What is it not doing well?"

Tristan Thompson, one of the leaders and survivors of the previous era, echoed these sentiments.

"His positive and professional approach," said Thompson. "He's 17 and still a pro. I've had the great chance that my first year was under Antawn Jamison and he kept it as pro too. I think that's what I'm doing." Likes more from Kyle.A lot more veterans need to start doing this.I think that's how you pass it on to young guys, so when they They will be old, they will treat the next rookie as you should, you need these guys in the locker room.

"Good veterinarians like Channing (Frye), Kyle, RJ (Richard Jefferson), these guys can teach young people like Collin and Cedi (Osman) to be pros, it's valuable and I think it's taken for granted. "

Along with the desire to win, the Cavs wanted to develop their young. Of course, both of these objectives were going to be realized, especially when we took into account another priority: to accumulate assets.

Because the Cavs started this season with a limited number of assets that most re-enactment teams need – project picks, young players engaged in team-friendly contracts, expired contracts and cap on strength – they knew that it was possible to exchange Korver. JR Smith and George Hill could be next.

The veterans' purge began Wednesday night with Korver. And it was a hell of a trip.

The only player returning to Cleveland is Alec Burks. A former 27-year-old first-round pick, Burks adds value to the ground by giving the Cavs an extra ball handler and scorer.

For three consecutive seasons in Utah, starting with his 2013-2014 series, Burks scored an average of two figures by scoring, his lowest being 13.3 points. Largely because of injuries and fewer opportunities, it has all spoiled since and the Jazz was done with him – a decision similar to that made with Rodney Hood last February.

This season, in a limited action, Burks is on average 8.4 points and 41.2% of the field remaining to be covered with 37.2% beyond the arc.

"It's my guy, very close to AB," Hood said at "Good player." In the margin of some injuries throughout his career, but he can really score the ball.C is a good player who can defend himself and I think he'll have more l & # 39; opportunity to show what he can do.I know he is excited.My wife is friends with his fiancee, really good friends of the family and it will be nice to get together with him. "

Hood is right. The Burks will make a fresh start with the Cavs, moving from a team with lean playing time, as they try to qualify for the West Conference playoffs at Cavs, a group that understands the reality of their game. situation.

A horrible start, wounded, has wiped out all the dreams of the playoffs and Burks will get the most playing time possible, while the Cavs will be able to see it in their system, next to their kernel, in this environment. This is a close look at a player who could possibly be part of the future. They also have all his rights "Bird" if they want to sign him again as a free agent, able to exceed the salary cap to keep him.

Once again, Burks brings even more value as an expiring contract. Planned to earn $ 11.5 million, the Cavs added a compelling business chip at a time when teams were looking to get paid too high wages to reach the luxury tax threshold or start releasing tax. Space to chase free agents in the talented class 2019.

This allows the Cavs to collect a more lucrative long-term salary and recover additional drafts as sweeteners for taking this bad contract, which they are willing to do.

Since the Cavs traded their titles against Burks before December 6, they are allowed to trade them immediately or to cumulate his salary with others in about two months, which creates an opportunity to benefit from A larger commercial package.

In addition to Burks, the Cavs got two second-round value choices: the choice of Utah in 2020 and that of Washington in 2021.

From here, who knows where will Washington be? It's the same year that Bradley Beal – if he was not traded before that time – enters freelance. A year before, the team will have to make a decision regarding Otto Porter Jr. Given the difficult situation of its salary cap over the next few seasons, the Wizards could consider blowing up their list and starting from scratch, eventually pushing this second in the first half. of the tour.

Maybe the Cavs use these picks for themselves. Or maybe they will become vouchers if the right player becomes available. Every asset helps.

Not to lose in the mix, Cleveland will be released for $ 3.4 million of partially guaranteed money owed to Korver.

The terms "shocked" and "delighted" were both used on when a source told the team of the parcel received for the 37-year-old elite sniper.

From their point of view, they have received a talented 10-year-old, while earning money for next year and receiving two second-round picks that essentially replace those likely to be paid to the Hawks as payment. for Korver.

If the Cavs end up treating the Burks before the deadline, which seems likely, they will get more for Korver than they gave up.

Korver also acted well in front of the box office, turning what could have been a terrible misstep into a positive result. This did not go unnoticed.

"I feel that both understand that it's better to let him go," Thompson said. "I think it's because he's earned that respect on the part of the franchise.When you come every day and you do the right things as a professional, you work hard and you do not do nothing that could jeopardize the organization to which they will pay attention.

"You do not control who pays you and where you are traded in. That's someone else, if you get that guy upset they're going to f — Over you." I think (Kyle) has everything it 's just that it' s just that they 've sent it somewhere, it' s positive.This is how business works.Treat people just like you want to be treated. "

Korver was a popular name in the trading market. Many teams were monitoring his situation in Cleveland. There were other people than Utah in the mix.

According to sources, the Cavs have been chatting with the Philadelphia 76ers this summer, but the conversations have never really progressed. Rumors have been rumored that the Cavs may be considering the No. 1 pick of 2017, Markelle Fultz, but one source said the Cavs did not think it would be nearly enough for them. His broken rider and shoulder make it difficult to assess his true worth.

Korver wanted to go to a competitor. During conversations with over the past month, he has talked about Boston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Although the Jazz entered the evening three games under the .500 mark, they finished fifth in the West last season and have the talent to turn around.

Korver wanted to go where he would have time to play, where the team would value his skills. The Jazz ranks 29th in percentage of 3 points and 23rd in triplings. His movement away from the ball and his ground spacing will go to Utah and Korver likes this style.

More than anything, he wanted a place where his family would be comfortable.

"He was excited," a source told about Korver's reaction to the deal. "Really grateful for the way the Cavs have handled the trade."

Korver played three seasons with the Jazz. He met his wife, Juliet, in Utah. If he is forced to uproot his family in the middle of the season, an incredible challenge for any player, it is best that he finish in a city in which he is familiar and can be happy. The Cavs did well by him.

So now, the question: who is next?

"In the end, it's a business and everyone can be moved," Thompson said. "If the trade is correct and the total expenses increase, then some one can be moved unless you have a no-trade clause.The only two guys who are safe in the NBA are Bron and Steph Curry, all the others can be moved, you can control what you can control, go in, play hard every day, do your job and have no problems. "

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