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CNN Analyst Jeffrey Toobin Speaks on "Breathless Incompetence" by Cohen's Questioners

At the first break of Wednesday's explosive hearing before the House's oversight committee with Trump's former repairman, Michael Cohen, CNN's senior legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, expressed his deep disappointment to the members of Congress who questioned him during the morning.

"I'm struck by the breathtaking incompetence of interrogation," said Toobin. "This endless bloviating and not actually getting any information from the witness." At the same time, he added: "Sometimes, some facts have been disclosed."

"I thought it was very interesting that he was talking a bit about how the Stormy Daniels payment had taken shape and he mentioned that Allen Weisselberg was deeply involved in this issue, the CFO's the Trump Organization, "he said. "And of course, the president has been involved at every step of this process, which, of course, the president has denied."

The other highlight for Toobin was Cohen's revelation that Trump "would have knowingly made false financial statements to Deutsche Bank to obtain a loan to buy the Buffalo Bills." He explained. If Trump "knowingly submits a false financial statement, it is a crime in itself, so, I bet, the prosecutors' ears."

Earlier in the segment, Dana Bash of CNN had raised "a potential problem" for Michael Cohen: he had insisted that he never wanted a job at Trump's White House. According to CNN reports, she said: "He longed for a job at the White House."

"I think a lot of us here have been frowning because we knew it was not true," said Jake Tapper of the exchange. "I think the problem lies in that phrase," I did not want to go to the White House. " All our reports suggest that this is not true.

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