CNN employees demoralized by the hiring of Sarah Isgur, operator of the GOP group, for coverage 2020

CNN staff members are unhappy and confused about the network's decision to hire a partisan politician to oversee the reporting of its 2020 campaign.

On Tuesday, a CNN spokesman confirmed to the Daily Beast that the network had hired Republican political advisor Sarah Isgur as editor-in-chief of the channel's political coverage for 2020. The move was reported for the first time by Politico.

During her decade of career in Republican politics, Isgur was a consultant to Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney. She was also Carly Fiorina's assistant campaign manager for the 2016 Republican primary. Until last year, Isgur was one of the main spokespersons of the Justice Department of the United States. former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

A CNN spokesman said that Isgur would not participate in the network coverage by the GM, but would guide the television and digital coverage of the 2020 election, offering occasional analyzes at the same time. screen.

The hiring sparked a negative internal reaction, not least because many CNN staff members were largely left unaware of the controversial decision. While other high-profile hires are often advertised internally, the company has not provided staff with feedback regarding Isgur's new role.

"It's extremely disheartening for everyone here," said a newspaper editor at the Daily Beast.

"People are generally confused," said another editorial employee, adding that the decision to hire a partisan agent to fill a post of editor was "very bizarre".

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