Cobie Smulders at ABC Theater Pilot "Stumptown" – Variety


Cobie Smulders is the lead role in the ABC series pilot, inspired by Greg Rucka's graphic novel "Stumptown" Variety has learned.

The project follows Dex Parios (Smulders), a strong, firm and shameless Army veteran who serves as P.I. in Portland, Oregon. With a complicated personal story on which she can only count for herself, she solves the damage of others blindly.

Parios is also described as an unlucky and unlucky heroine whom you can not help but take. A former military intelligence officer overseas, Dex is now back in Portland, Oregon, unable to keep a steady job, spinning his wheels, racking up gambling debts, waiting for trouble to catch up.

Smulders had previously participated in several episodes of ABC-Marvel's "Agents of SHIELD" series, taking over his role as SHIELD's agent, Maria Hill, of Marvel's Cinematic Universe. She recently took over the same role in the award-winning animated feature film "Spider-Man: In Spider-Verse". Smulders is best known for his role in the famous CBS sitcom "How I met your mother". "If you ordered him to play in a row, that would be his first regular broadcast since the end of" HIMYM. "Recently, Smulders played in Netflix's" Friends From College "series.

UTA, Fourward, and Gang, Tyr, Ramer, Brown & Passman are in turn.

Jason Richman will be the scriptwriter and executive producer of "Stumptown", with Rucka, Matthew Southworth and Justin Greenwood, executive producer with Ruben Fleischer and Dave Bernad via The District. ABC Studios will produce.


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