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Cohen testifies before the Congress: main updates

Michael D. Cohen, once a trusted assistant and attorney for President Trump, is on the stand in front of Congress to paint a bleak picture of the president's personal character and possible criminal behavior.

  • Mr. Cohen presented a thorny assessment of the president: "This is a racist. This is a scammer. And he's a cheater.

  • Mr. Cohen stated that Mr. Trump "did not directly say to lie to Congress", but as a presidential candidate, Mr. Trump had "lied to the American people" by denying business in Russia .

  • Mr. Cohen provided the committee with a copy of a $ 35,000 check from Mr. Trump that would have been reimbursed for hidden sums to cover an alleged case with a former porn star.

  • Mr. Trump, who is Vietnam for talks with the leader of North Korea, tweeted as the audience started about his "big meeting".

  • The Republicans dismissed Mr. Cohen, who pleaded guilty to lying to Congress on behalf of Mr. Trump, calling him a "fraudster, cheater, convicted of a crime and, in two months, a federal prisoner."

Part of what Mr. Cohen will tell lawmakers has already been detailed in federal courts, where he pleaded guilty last year to a campaign financing offense, tax evasion, bank fraud and possibly a lie in front of the Congress.

But Mr. Cohen's introductory statement painted a more vivid and complete picture of Mr. Trump: Someone who used racist language frequently, lied about his fortune and alleged criminal behavior, even after taking office. .

Commission representative Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland issued a memo outlining the context of the hearing last week. Blatant absentee: Russia and its campaign of electoral interference.

After consulting with the special advocate, Robert S. Mueller III, lawmakers determined that Mr. Cohen not to be allowed to publicly discuss issues related to the continuation of his investigation into the links of the Trump campaign with attempts at electoral manipulation in Russia.

But Mr Cohen testified that Mr Trump had personally followed the negotiations for the construction of a Trump tower in Moscow, asking for "at least a half dozen times" between January and June 2016 when he was in charge. he was running for president. "Mr. Trump was aware of the Trump-Moscow negotiations and directed them throughout the campaign and lied about it," Cohen said in his opening remarks.

And although Mr. Trump did not explicitly ask him to lie, by his actions, he "made it clear to me" that he "wanted me to lie" and the president's lawyers looked at the false Testimony of Mr. Cohen before the Congress on the draft Moscow Cohen said.

Mr. Cohen provided the committee with several documents, including a copy of a check that Mr. Trump wrote on his personal bank account after he came to power, that he had to fund hidden payments to Ms. Daniels. He also presented what he said were financial statements that Mr Trump presented to institutions such as Deutsche Bank from 2011 to 2013.

He also gave a copy of an article with Mr. Trump's handwriting reporting an auction of a portrait of himself allegedly rigged by the president. Mr. Cohen stated that Mr. Trump had asked a bidder to purchase the portrait at the auction, and then repaid it from Mr. Trump's charitable foundation. The photo is now in one of Mr. Trump's country clubs, said Mr. Cohen.

Mr. Cohen also offered copies of the letters he had written "under the direction of Mr. Trump", threatening his high school, his colleges and the College Board not to disclose his grades or grades to the SAT.

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